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  1. Have you ever been to a poker site where you can choose a table by currency? I've found one, and the players there are incredibly loose.I've been playing there a few months and am making a decent living. I make much more there than at any other site online and I think I know at least some of the reasons why.Here's my theory:People who's currency is better than the US tend to play more loose and see more flops. For instance, someone from England can play in a US currency room and because the pound is better than the dollar, they tend to think it won't cost them as much to call a raise.Let's
  2. No lies. No bull.I have found the best place to play online poker. I told you about it last month and some of you are now making money there. The site is www.celebbonus.comHere's the deal. Players at this site are incredibly bad. I'm talking about the worst players I've seen online. I've played all the sites and this one is hands down the best place to make money.Don't take my word for it. Deposit some money and see for yourself. I have some helpful hints for those of you who are willing to listen and take a chance.Proper play at this site: Tight/Aggressive*Only play strong hole cards (everyon
  3. I thought Party Poker and Pokerstars was cool, but I've made $2,000 in one week playing $1-2 no-limit tables at celebbonus.comIt's a smaller site with not as many people as the big sites, but the players are rediculously terrible, especially the players from Turkey! Find a player from Turkey (or Eastern Europe for that matter) and win no matter what. They literally play to the river with crap cards, hoping to catch.I think many of the Europeans who play here feel they have a money advantage because of the exchange rate with the U.S. They tend to be extremely loose.Like I said, it's a smaller s
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