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  1. reach out to better players and put a magnifying glass to their play...
  2. completely changed my mind on this spot, definitely flatting a pretty wide range here a fair amount... some suited connectors and broadway cards and some of the less scraggly Ax's... as well as some big pairs sometimes... this range dictated alot by the raisers opening range, vs tight opponents who are going to be heavily weighted in broadway cards you can flat a pretty wide range here profitably with a little creativity post flop... vs looser opponents you could consider flatting here with some slightly more raggedy broadway hands as well as some Ax situational obv...
  3. i would really doubt that this is profitable with that wide of a range as a standard against competent opponents in these stages of a tournament... OR's cbet and opening frequencies might dictate a defend w a decent range possibly but i will need more convincing...
  4. open for less, your open here looks really strong you are going to get credit continuation betting virtually any size... you can bet extremely small on this flop and give yourself plenty of room to maneuver and have options on later streets... opening for around 16k and continuing very small on the flop is completely legitimate...
  5. flatting is often optimal with big pairs in his situation particularly vs an open from reg who will interpret your jamming ranges well and call accordingly and who is also capable of opening and folding with a wide variety of stack sizes, but i would only snap heavily weight that range vs the better regulars as a standard. i would consider flatting a wider range with this stack very situationally...
  6. don't open hands from spots where you are very likely to get jammed on with hands your not calling with... open small with hands you want to get jammed on or from very strong looking positions as steals and in later position be aware that you should be jamming the lower end of your value range if you don't want to induce shoves from other players... play tight early and take advantage of good opportunities to let people punt a stack to you seeing a flop with hands that can hit really big i.e. pairs some suited connectors etc... you'll be fine and the more work you put into your shoving/calling
  7. can't breathe did i really just read through this?
  8. sorry for leaving this sit so long... thank you for the analysis. Seems like the consensus is the best line here is to flat the turn planning to call off on essentially all rivers with a few gross exceptions. Without disagreeing I would like to elaborate a little on my perception of villains range. I think that we all agree that we cannot fold the flop to this c/r... I will add that my read on his hand given his timing/ my perception of the player/ gravity of the tournament/ etc is he was unsure about the hand and I confidently ruled out most pairs and certainly over pairs before the flop. I c
  9. i've become a reg on merge last few months and 13hope17 is one a few good regs on the site that barrels pretty much all the trnys. table dynamics play an enormous roll in how many hands you can open in these situations, but with solid players/ regs on your left having a shorter stack like this can be to your advantage when opening for steals because this stack is very difficult to play back at. an open with say 13bb gives the perception of a jam without risking your tournament life or drastically changing the playability of your stack, choose these spots carefully but if you pay close attentio
  10. 61 remain in the main event. Playing 30k-60k with 10k ante. Moved to a new table and I have position on Yuval Bronshtein the only player I know at the table or even recognize (I'm ecstatic as this is the first time in 3 days I have been excited about my seat). I have seen roughly 3 orbits and the table has been extremely tight. In fact the bb has had walks multiple times, I do not recall ever seeing a 3b, and the middle aged gentleman to my immediate left is openly talking about how he got out of line earlier and is only going to play premium hands and has snap folded every hand. I am moved to
  11. cbet smaller on the flop imo... like 8-925ish looks better to me, although being on the larger side sizing pre and on flop might have contributed to him tooling a bit here... calling turn looks standard, but if we had beamin covered I might discuss min raising turn hoping for a stuff...
  12. hand one: preflop fine. bet smaller on flop, c turn, fold as played.hand two: raising pre is probably fine at this stage but whatever, raise flop and build a pot, just call turn...hand three: high five yourself and get it in... you might even just consider open jamming pre, with that much in the middle it can be perceived as weak enough in many tournaments imo... if the dude who clicked it back on you is over the age of 50 and you are feeling like a superstar you could muck your kings face up for the story
  13. when you post hands please include the blinds/position/reads etc
  14. In such a soft field I would strongly consider just folding AJo under the gun here especially with this stack. Possibly someone could maybe convince me into check folding this turn against the most passive straightforward opponents out there, however I think that check folding this turn as a standard is getting completely ran over in general. Villains with any competency can be expected to bet this turn with a large portion if not the entirety of their range a very large percentage of the time especially with stacks that can set up for a pot size jam on the river... In general if we reach this
  15. river is a c/f without reads here imo... I also much prefer a much smaller lead on the flop especially if there is any history or aggressive dynamic with the bb... if we lead like 40% pot we can come back over his raise small without looking so committed to the pot and hope for him to tool out if we want, and just makes decisions easier on later streets regardless...
  16. wish we had a better read, but this does reek of overs plus flush draw... I'm calling it off here i think...
  17. gross spot and interesting hand, thanks for posting... against an opponent who is getting out of line and seems pretty bad I do think that it is alright to check back a flop like this. It is just so important to have a plan, and it is so difficult with minimal reads against someone who appears to be out of line and unorthodox on boards like this where our goals for the hand are pretty modest. Calling the check raise on the flop puts us in such a terrible spot, I am very interested in what your plan was for different turn cards (different hearts, non ace Broadway cards, etc) if he just bets the
  18. swallowed sadness in the stud8 busting middle of day 2, congrats to those who cashed, and good luck to many of whom I'm sure I will see in the O8 on Friday!
  19. I think that on this board texture, after the small blind checks the flop, it actually gets checked around a fair amount if you check to the button. This just seems like a disaster to me with 18k in a 10k pot... Many players will check back a pretty wide range on really wet flops like this not wanting to get blown off equity, and checking not only gives free cards but severely hurts our chances of getting it in here and realizing 70% equity vs hands like Jack Queen, in addition to that we want to build a pot so we can jam a lot of turn cards... whether or not to jam before the flop we should b
  20. I might be missing something but it looks to me like the original poster was the opener before the flop and was flatted by the button and the small blind? Stack sizes would be helpful, but i definitely don't mind opening this kind of hand here in general... however on this texture of flop with 18k behind in this 10k pot I think I would prefer to bet and get it in...
  21. I would only be raising the most premium queens from the small blind in a multiple way limped pot. These queens are alright but I would definitely just take a flop here. Anytime we see a limped flop with many players I would highly recommend leading out for close to full pot. Build a pot and protect your hand, these kind of flops in particular where there are flush and straight draws but it is also hard for hands to hit the flop huge (partially connected boards connecting with 1 or 2 gaps in the bottom of the deck) are very likely to be checked around in a limped pot.
  22. I am new to the forum and am happy to see that there is someone who plays some no limit single draw, a game I am relatively new to. I'll definitely keep it in mind and try to throw some hands up for discussion. Yeah in my opinion you are burning some chips trying to play a hand like this is triple draw simply on it's own merits, the only time i would ever consider playing this hand would be opening the button and throwing in the occasional 3b and drawing 1 heads up and that would require specific player dynamics and player tendencies, and in either case this is a hand you will have to get crea
  23. I wouldn't expect him to be 3 betting lightly here (early in the tourney, sized it pretty large, hadn't seen him show this type of aggression, button vs cutoff... etc...). wish the old guy in the blinds had been deeper for a flat here. so tempting to try something on the flop but such a marginal spot given our perception of their ranges and this board i would tend toward tournament preservation and end up folding the turn as you did.
  24. I really do want to stress that in triple draw drawing to 456 in a 5 way pot vs opponents who are drawing even close to correctly is burning money. if you are going to play this hand passively this way draw 3 and dump the 6! give yourself a chance to make a smooth hand and avoid drawing at straights. this starting hand is much stronger in no limit single draw where a 9 is a solid made hand and you can be aggressive with your 1 card draw, but in triple draw this is a hand i would strongly advise you to avoid.
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