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  1. Thank you for your input. Looks like the consensis is that a cc on the river but I already had most of my chips in the pot by then and I put him on A9 giving me the conterfeit with AQ with AJJ on the board. Cooler it is.Thanks
  2. Its a 250K 2 day event which I had to qualify for. 47 players left blinds 500-3000-6000 I have 143k...double up to 300k. Down now to 22 players and im dealt AQ in the small blind..I come in for a raise to 3x and the BB flats. Flop is A 9 4 rainbow and I bet 70% of the pot. The bb min raises me and I call. Turn is J. I check and BB bets and I call. So I have BB on medium A maybe A9 so I feel like im still good maybe a little behind with the river to come. River J. I now have counterfieted his A9 and push all in. He calls showing AJ....Could I have done anything different on this hand? I just c
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