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  1. Thats exactly what heppened Jam-Fly...someone said after the hand was over that it was the worst playt with Kings in that spot and I just couldn't see anyway of playing it defferntly...just wanted your guys opions...thanks for your thoughts
  2. I had 21K to start the handand middles is right, I opened with a min raise, checked shoved the flop
  3. Dealt KhKcBamtide88 Posts Ante 150.00WHYTHATFACE Posts Ante 150.00dojoonim Posts Ante 150.00josharmstrng Posts Ante 150.00glynnc Posts Ante 150.00Bamtide88 Posts SB 750.00WHYTHATFACE Posts BB 1500.00dojoonim Foldsjosharmstrng Raised to 3000.00glynnc Calls 3000.00Bamtide88 Calls 2250.00WHYTHATFACE FoldsFlop:Qs 10s 9hBamtide88 Checksjosharmstrng Checksglynnc Bets 3000.00Bamtide88 Calls 3000.00josharmstrng All In 18444.00glynnc Raised to 33888.00Bamtide88 Foldsjosharmstrng KhKcglynnc Ks Jsjosharmstrng Outglynnc Won 51138.00 from Pot 1 with King High Straightglynnc Won 15444.00 from Pot 2 with Kin
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