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  1. want to share with you my 2 hours ago situation in live tournament ( its not about bad beat)) )i was in MP3 with a ~30k (blinds 500/1000). QQ raised to 2500 folded to SM, he calls, BB fold. FLOP: 6d7c10ci watched how he checked. It was like Tom Hanks or Robert De Niro acting for Oscar. He checked so upset, and shaked his head like "omg, how can I play with my card and this flop". now its the crucial moment, I was so excited about my over pair and bet. he reraised I moved allin and he calls. set of 10.I cant forgive myself how i missed that so obvios tell. this is second situation when i missed
  2. case two.starting stack: 2000k, blinds 25/50, encresy every 15 min.in a pot with A2 i just watched it
  3. Here is couple of hands dealt in half hour in yesterday freeroll, live.1. 200/400. I pushed allin(2k) - 93of, allin(2k) - K10of, allin(less) - 10Qof and a call with KQs.only a 9 on a flop and I won the pot2. 22 vs 45board Q 2 3 Q 6, allin on a turn3. 3 way allin. A2of, JJ, 22board Q(clubs) 2 3(clubs) J(clubs) 7(clubs)A of clubs won the pot4. 6 handed table. folded to me, I'm on button with 10 7 of raised and took the blinds. Next hand, folded to me, I raised with AA, BB push allin with KK and I called. K on a flop and nothing for me on a turn or river.
  4. how about mindset to be the best in poker. Not exactly to have biggest cash earnings but be the best. To read people(tells) and figure it out what to do in every situations and to show to everyone that anyone can improve his game and its not about luck
  5. of course its about luck too. but if a good player can loose big part of his stack in a bad beat, bad player can loose entire stack even if he is drawing dead
  6. think everyone can be good in every sport with practice, everyone can be good at marketing, administration, engineering with learning, why not everyone can be good at poker with practice, learning and improving the game.I mean its not about luck its about skill
  7. drunk? never. sort ofone more think.your thoughts about: anyone can be a good poker player? not necessarily like Ungar, Negreanu, Ivey, Hellmuth but a good one with decent resultViktor Blom: "I started off with fifteen thousand Swedish kroner and after three weeks I had two million dollars." this words cant give me peace
  8. Thank you for your advices. this is the reason why I gor broke. in my case. at the beggining of the day had 52$ in an hour 46$. I cant quit when I did not even have my starting day money thats why I enteret in 0.1/0.25 100$ = 100$ us. average salary is 200$ and its possible to live
  9. ok, your point is "100$ montly income is too small to play poker(for living)". You think none player from my country shouldn't play poker? we have poker club where biggest tournament is 35$ freezout.
  10. it's not about money, salary, monthly income etc.advice about poker? with which bankroll I need to start, what limit to play? in one of three tournaments for 1$ with 2k-3k people i can make money, but higher...
  11. today my second entire bankroll of 40$ get broke.starting to play zoom 0.01/0.02. up to 59, then down to 52, then 50 and 0.with last 40$ I entired in zoom 0.1/0.25m two table. down to 10, up to 33, down to 5 up to 22 and 0.what to do? bankroll managemnt? yes, but how to play 0.01/0.02 when you lost 3$ in 5 sec in AA < 77 spot?I'm student, my monthly income is like ~100$. in my country average salary is 200$. I can have patience, to play micro stakes, but how much time needed to live from playing poker?which is your advice to me?thx.
  12. come on guys.need to post his photo and history of 100 hands to discuss one simple hand ?Cash, online, heads-up, 0.02/0.04. Both have like 100 BBs. Preflop: He SB - call, I raise he call. Flop - I'm first to act.
  13. stakes - 100 BBsposition - first to act
  14. had both situation in cash, stacks was the same, something like 100 BB, in both situation was raise pre and call
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