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  1. Thank you for your feedback Ank! That makes a lot of sense to me as well, checking the turn is the optimum play here as I am beat by all flushes. I think when I was in the hand I was thinking if I check the turn and he bets I would have been in a tough spot. It is hard for me to get away from hands like this, which is a leak in my game, because I feel like if I fold and am put in the same situation again he can try to bluff me in this spot thinking I will fold. Also because his flush was such a low flush he probably would have bet big in fear of another heart coming. I should have check-folded
  2. This tournament that I was playing in is very casual and not many experienced players so I usually just try to go for max value and get stacks in. In bigger buy-in tournaments I use the pot control method more often because its more of a thinking mans game. My style is defensive most of the time in bigger games but I've really been working on opening up my hand range lately.
  3. Would you consider this daniel negreanu's small ball strategy? I like this style also because it isn't risking my whole stack. I need to fix this leak in my game because I'm going to play in some bigger buy-in tournaments this summer! Thanks for the post
  4. Thanks for the awesome feedback!! I feel like my game is strong enough in the future to maybe play this hand a little differently. You made a lot of great points into different ways I could have played this hand and taking everything into consideration I believe c-betting the flop and checking the turn for pot control should be the best option. That way I could have drawn cheaper to my full house and not go bust. Thanks again for replying
  5. By the way the villian table 6h-4h for the flush on the turn
  6. Blinds were at 100-200 in a 50 player field. I had 6,500 chips from a 5,000 starting stack. I opened UTG with A-J offsuit to 650 and received 2 calls. Flop came 7h-Js-8h, i bet 1,200 got one fold and another call from new player to the table with a tight image from what I could see. Turn comes Jh, which completes the flush draw and gives me trips. I bet 2,500 into the pot, which commited me to the hand, and the villian shoved for my remaining chips. He had me covered so I called and was drawing to 10 full house outs. Should I have checked the turn? I don't think there is any way I was getting
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