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  1. Against decent online player, I'd fold because they pretty much know my range and I can tell the FD+2 overs are the bottom range of their jam 45bbs in a dry pot.My frustration against Nam is I think he plays old fashion way and didn't put me on a good pair. 77 is almost the worst pair I pot size bet here. Having said that I think smaller pairs are also in his shoving range. Preflop he almost always 3bet with 99+ on the button with 45bb. If we add small pairs in his range, this is a call.I actually folded 77 here but I'd snap call with 99+ especially when I don't have heart. Still, I should h
  2. He came to our table and only had one showdown where he raised button to 400 (at 100/200) and 4bet shove BB with AKo, doubled up to 9500.He hadn't seen my showdowns and not knowing how I played.Blind 100/200, I have 18k and open utg with two red 7s to 425. He flats from the button. Flop 8h2h8d. I bet 875, he shoves for 8100 more. ?It really seems to me he has no clue about my hand and was just shoving FD+2 overs or a smaller pair.
  3. Agree. I probably should have folded pre-flop.As I recall, the only reason calling preflop was because the button's flat, with ante and stack size, we were 100BB deep. But still, perhaps, fold pre is the best.I ran stove on the flop, looks like a cr shoving is +EV? I agree, turn is clearly a fold. Thanks---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3,223,710 games 0.086 secs 37,485,000 games/secBoard: Js 4s AcDead: equity win tie pots won pots tied Hand 0: 43.087% 42.83% 00.26% 138068
  4. CalState Poker Championship ME $2080.Villain is SoiNguyen who sits on my immediately left.We've been battling BvB 3 times, he out flopped me twice; the immediate last time BvB, (effective stack 14k) I made it 525 from SB with 78o, he flat, I bet 750 on T85r flop, he raised to 2k, I call, turn 5o, he bet 4k, I c/r shove 12k (I definitely read him wrong here and thought he fold all of his one pair/J9 ), he quickly folded T8o face up. After the hand, he seemed to realize it was a bad fold and played aggressively.This hand, 100/200/25, I opened CO to 525 with QsTs, he 3bet to 1625 (this is the fir
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