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  1. she's like a sexier version of roseann.
  2. i saw that, very nice pick.gj on that one. :bubblethanks: i knew he would be a good pickup.
  3. yay for poker stars pw, pming DNA is soo much fun. still getting old. kept saying it my first 40 or so posts. it's fun to tell n00bs to do it though. :evil:
  4. spamming makes my head hurt... :cry:
  5. you havent lived untill youve won a big pot while taking a dump.there is nothing more satisfying.
  6. You didn't have him as your double points player did you????No, I had Gavin Smith. It was between him and Smith though. I decided them two because they both came off a really hot 2005, but I thought Gavin would carry over more. Oh well, I still got Singer in, and Smith cashed pretty well I think.
  7. You are 17 and live in Orlando too? What high school do you go to18, I go to UCF, live on campus, work at a Starbucks in Altamonte Springs.u?
  8. milestodavid

    vince young

    I'm not discrediting UT at all when I say that every game this year was pretty much Vince Young v. (insert team here). I'm not suprised he went in, I actually expected it. As much as I disagree with students going into the NFL or NBA very young, this move was a no brainer.
  9. the odds i was getting were ridiculous....
  10. I had my money on Houston in Sept......(sw)
  11. Anyone else have David Singer besides me, cause I'm looking pretty good right about now.
  12. Big thumbs up, and a big thumbs up to 40 year old virgin. Both hilarious movies, both deserve credit.
  13. If I was old enough to win the protege i would pick me, but my next pick was Zim, and he's as young as me. so now I think i'll go with redpill. Definately redpill.
  14. We need to start a 24 addicts fan club. Someone create a sig. Seriously, 24 is the best show on television. I used to think that the concept was retarded, but when you watch the show you get really into it. I remember watching season I on DVD for the first time...Down in not so sunny Hurricane Frances-South Florida we had nothing else to do. So I sat on my laptop (plugged into one of the two generators) and watched 24 until the Hurricane was long gone, and so was the night, and so was the day, and then the night. To tell you the truth, I watched seasons 1 and 2 in that sitting. For my addictio
  15. no need to make that play if he's got nothing but a draw or TP ace kicker. call here.
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