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  1. Berger just suggested on his blog that the leafs should try kaberle as their first line centre.Crazy? Or crazy like a fox?
  2. A first, second and 3rd for a 21 year old 36 goal scorer is a pretty good deal.
  3. Do you think Kaberle will be traded in the next 6 days?
  4. Anaheim doesn't play very often in the FCHL schedule, making players from Anaheim less valuable than it seems. Last year Boston played 54 out of 75 game nights, while anaheim only played in 33. It's a pretty big disparity.That being said, Getzlaf looks ****ing great sandwiched in between Parise and Staal on my roster
  5. I thought after he dropped so much in the NHL draft that I'd have a chance at getting him. I guess not.Hopefully I will make the 10th overall pick soon never. I'm in trade talks for it, and if they fall through I'll put the pick on the open market.
  6. Is this a shot at me? I wasn't even in the conversation!
  7. I hope Burke trades/dumps Van Ryn and Frogren, keeps Kaberle and White, then tries to sign Kaberle to an extension next summer.The leafs need the puck moving presence of Kaberle, and the PP skills of white or else they'll have a very one dimensional blueline. I also hope Tlusty gets a permanent spot in the top 6 to see if he can make it as an NHL player.
  8. I don't hate him, but I usually don't watch him. He just doesn't do it for me for some reason.
  9. Somehow I didn't know you had a son.Glad to hear you slipped one past the goalie.
  10. I'll be sad if he gets the job, I love him on TV.
  11. So are you saying that you didn't see the overhead camera angle, or that you have trouble distinguishing between red, white, and black?
  12. Carolina is going to hit the over by themselves tonight. Everyone knows Brodeur is a choke artist in the playoffs.
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