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  1. It was boring as something quite boring last year, and i found it for free. Don't pay 50.
  2. I'm at 49th and Ross, play RR and Edgewater, both have BBJ. My neighborhood sucks but it's cheap. My brother is staying here but that may change.
  3. So I'm explaining pot odds to a friend and he thinks that most pros would fold here:You have A3 (we didn't specify if it was suited or not, we'll assume os) and somehow you get heads up with a guy and there is 150 in the pot and he goes all in for 50 preflop and turns over pocket kings before you've called. So the decision is call 50 to win 200.
  4. Sorry, can we delete this?
  5. That took me three reads to get that Daniel's opponent thought and mucked. I was trying to think of how Daniel could say that to the dealer in a jovial mannor and then muck. I'm the only one, right?
  6. What's your name, I can't wait for the conclusion, I'll check cardplayer.
  7. That blows. Thanks for the warning.
  8. Fuck. I'm a donkey. But do you call once it's 40000:15000?
  9. I have 23,000 chips in cutoffDealer has 8500BB has 40,000average is 9000blinds are 300/600Folded to me in cutoff, i raise to 2000 with A7Dealer calls, sb folds, bb callsflop is 456 rainbow, bb checks, i bet 6000, dealer is all in for 6500, bb check raises all in.so the pot is giving me 2.6:1, I figure I have 11 outs with my ace, but the bb is a donkey and has the chip lead at the table only because he's catching cards. I called, bb had K6, dealer had 1010, I missed everything and bb hit a king to come back from 16%.Anyway, my friend suggested I could fold and take my 15,000 and wait for a bet
  10. Gilbert Arenas calls himself Dave Chappelle of the NBA.
  11. Sorry for not reading the whole topic if someone's already brought it up, but do a lot of you think God never gets angry? I think there are several case in points, like the market at the temple
  12. murmar

    South Park

    Anyone know the specifics on the parts where they captioned the screen with "this is what scientoligists actually believe"?
  13. We're probably qualified to answer.
  14. I have no doubt it's been asked previously, so I'm sorry, but who is the girl?
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