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  1. none of the old school posters are here it seems except for you, this place really has gone to sh!t
  2. scotty what the **** are you doin over here posting nonsense
  3. this is all by confirmed by sportswriters and columnists, no actual proof yet but there is also no actual proof on bonds using steroids either so take that into effect
  4. are you guys blind? look at my post count and when i joined, i left here because of ovc reasonsalso the pics will be up in 5 minutes, yall can go back to beating off to pics of DN after you see them
  5. cool, what exactly did i say to piss you off so much?
  6. a buddy of mine in vegas asked around and several pros were around, he said neverwin tripped him but its not known what was said when DN got upcant believe he tripped him like that, hilarious
  7. this has been confirmed, log onto the NWP photo gallery for pics, they will be up soon
  8. everyone in this thread who makes the laydowns of sets lets make a 1-2 no limit table on stars, PLLEEEEASSSEEEEseriously this is the gayest thread yet about laydownsyall are pros!!!
  9. anyone that doesent put frank thomas in the hall is too young, i hopethomas is a LOCK, he dominated the mid 90's when the ball wasent quite juiced yetand piazza is a lock as well
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