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  1. As a bass player, I've played in about 5 or 6 bands since I was 14 and have randomly jammed on my drummer's sets. It is all about developing independence between your limbs, speed comes later. In no way does this compare to playing a set WELL, but it does help with holding solid beats.
  2. Who is calling it? I'm on MSNBC and it's still too close to call.Edit @ 12:40am EST: MSNBC Projects Obama as "apparent winner".
  3. I don't get why hispanics break toward Hillary so much. As a hispanic, Barack represents what values I have and what issues are important to me as well as my family. The battle between blacks and hispanics to be the "power-minority" is damaging for minorities in general. We need to build a coalition.
  4. I've met some in Orlando... but then she broke up with me for a drug-dealing drop-out, so no.
  5. Rock BandThrough the first 39 songs on drums on Expert, 5-stars on the first 15. Easily the best party game ever made for a console. If anyone wants to play Xbox Live my gamertag is fndavid. Call of Duty 4Level 40, 2nd prestige. My favorite mulitplayer game.Rock, Paper, ScissorWinner of two local tournaments... in my apartment.... vs. my roommate.
  6. This race is way too close. It is crazy.
  7. Well when it comes down to Senator McCain, Senator Obama, or Senator Clinton, what is the choice? Part of being young is being able to change the world. With Obama as our voice, who is to say our generation can't change things? We are far more tolerant than any other generation that has ever grown up in America allowing us to believe in a candidate like a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Although young on the national scene, Barack was a leader in the inner cities in Chicago and in the Illinois State Senate, crossing party lines to achieve legislation. Read "The Audacity of Hope", anyone criti
  8. Misread your initial post, my bad. I read "candidates" not "some candidates", too much CNN Political Ticker lately. Anyway, healthcare can be used as an example. I can sum it up in two simple sentences. Hillary Clinton believe in mandates and hasn't been specific about what penalties will be placed upon people (coercion-force). Barack Obama stresses affordable healthcare and has been specific in saying people want healthcare, they just can't afford it.
  9. I tend to disagree with the coercion-force argument, but anyone voting on their view of poker legislation needs to look at a couple of the overriding issues that have come to center stage in this election.
  10. Hillary isn't bad, neither is McCain, Romney, Huckabee, or Gravel. They all have different views of what direction this country should move in, and us Obama supporters believe the one he has set is the best choice for America. I'm not one to tell you who is better than the other, you can only decide. Google for their platforms and see where you fall.
  11. So by talking to our enemies we are "huggin it out"? I find that logic greatly flawed. If we talk to radical Islamics does that mean we agree with their cause? I find this hard to believe. By talking to our enemies we are able to bridge the gap of moral isolationism and unprovoked military intervention that has been exemplified by this administration. It is exactly your mentality that frightens me about a Republican in office. Are we to stay in Iraq for 100 years as John McCain said? I'm sure that wont piss the Middle East off anymore. Seriously, the fact that our focus has shifted from Afghan
  12. Not only us with a sense of Nationalism and love for America back Obama, but their rest of the world backs Barack Obama. Obama '08 for change. Yes we can!
  13. Even though my state didn't matter, Barack Obama had my vote in Florida as I have always been an avid supporter of his. It was his speech at the 2004 DNC that made me a political science major and so passionately involved in my support. I'm now in my 3rd and most exciting year in college as I have been deeply involved in campaign coverage from all aspects of media. With that being said, Obama will be a great President for this country. Every reason I can site lies here in the bickering in this forum. From republicans in this forum calling democrats "crazy" and democrats calling republicans "R
  14. i agree. in times of turmoil such as these, i ask myself... WWJBD. who's making bracelets?
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