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I Called In Sick Today

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If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

and after 3 days, he is risen!

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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Getting hammered on something with your friend's face printed on the label, surrounded by romantic sentiments you know he doesn't actually care about, it a priceless experience. Wine country weddings are always a crowd pleaser.

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That's decent. Maybe a white shirt with a light pattern to it. Like a gingham or stripes. White shirt with just pants looks off to me unless your sleeves are rolled up. And even then.


Yeah he's gonna need to jacket. The jacket is a must, the jacket plays.

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I either going with pants close to this




and this shirt




with my brown shoes and belt


Or that shirt with a blue michael kors suit


Both get ups with no tie.


Go with A. Definitely no suit. The two flyover boys still think you should wear a suit to go to the movies or fly on a plane. This is CA. We're progressive and don't hang on to 100 year old traditions just for the sake of doing so.


Besides, who are you trying to impress? Unlike them, you already have a woman that won't have sex with you.

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You didn't Napster, I just lumped you in with SA because you two are our thread fashionistas.

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to the casino, yeah. but goddamn if i'm not don draper esque monday through friday.


edit: and for the record, let it be stated, i have never, not once, ever, worn cargo shorts in my entire life. all j crew classic shorts baby.

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