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  1. Good, busy. Boys in HS now. Daughter is not far behind. In middle of a constant remodel, so same as always. How’s your giant family doing?
  2. 10. needs to be higher and how the **** do you not have Big Jake and The Green Berets on there? EDIT: Also, no Hondo or Alamo? Dafuq?
  3. Way behind here, stopped catching up. But, butter can be frozen and cheese should last like a month, so unless your buying a wheel I wouldn't worry about spoilage.
  4. That and the new ammo law are about to make me move out of state and I don't hardly ever even shoot. Ya, my wife pointed that out too. She was confused by it. I still can't get over how big Thandie Newton fun bags are. For being so skinny she's got some nice big natural cans.
  5. I can't imagine not having a W/D in the home I live in. I barely can keep up on putting my clothes away that my wife washers for me.
  6. Well **** me in the goat ass. Is that after fees? I don't even understand how you would get to that.
  7. Hey Strat, what's the average return your 60/40 investors have this YTD?
  8. I'm not really following you here. He works for s small company in sales, exactly how was he going to remain employed? It sucks, but is the company supposed give him someone else's commissions?
  9. Nope, hasn't changed. That is what it is like. Keep fighting man, hate the C talk.
  10. Lower lake. We we're on a boat. Folsom is a puddle, so we thought we'd give it a whirl. It's a fun little lake, not sure what it would be like in the heart of the summer even though they limit access.
  11. I, for one, am glad you're alive tilty. We were up your way today, went to Clementine Lake, had never been there before. It's a pretty neat place.
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