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I think he really really relates to Home Alone just for the title.

So, instead of doing actual work i need to do I decided to go through and tabulate all the punishments handed down by Essay. Not counted: prelim warnings (1 each) for BigD and Rod. Also, Essay was "

I'm assuming my jokes are valued at .77 of a man's.

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did you ever make a train wreck dumpster fire list of the top ten mob movies? My blood pressure can't take looking through this fiasco to find out.

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Essay's Top Ten Mob Movies


1. The Godfather 1 & 2

2. Casino

3. Goodfellas

4. Once Upon a Time in America

5. Scarface

6. Donnie Branco

7. Carlito's Way

8. Miller's Crossing

9. Heat

10. Analyze This

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Reminding us that sometimes it's better to just say no from the start, iCarly star Jennette McCurdy has spoken out about how she only agreed to date ex-boyfriend Andre Drummond because he was so persistent. Unfortunately, she also admitted that their first kiss was nothing short of terrible





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