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  1. I was downtown yesterday, seeing an opera with a blue skinned alien (not the point). I'm walking with a friend, we see a big banner of Phylicia Rashad's role in Head of Passes, he points to it and says "Hey, there's a Bill Cosby defender." I forgot he had any. I wonder how awkward she feels now, or if she's one of those "no one landed on the moon" wackadoodles.
  2. My favorite Woody Allen movie clip from Hannah and her Sisters (Soon-yi is quickly featured in this movie with a bunch of other children.)
  3. Hiiiii. What's up? Napa, if you purchase a home can we get a photo series of Mac meeting with mortgage brokers? Ron how is Lola my special Lady? Brvy, have you gone to see the Kerry James Marshall mural in Chicago? Essay, good job on keeping the thread going. IE, BigD, Hank, Scram, um Birthday Guy, Weird Archery with a Foot Fetish Guy, Colby, and any one else I am not thinking of right now. Hey!
  4. A thread for us to list pop culture bits that will be tough to enjoy from now on.
  5. This is the sentiment that's making me batshit crazy. Can we talk about how it affects workplace behavior? I've received inappropriate behavior in every job I've had. Yeah, I didn't quit outright, but I did moderate hours put in and overall effort expended. Instead of mourning Louis' career, I have pity for him. Those stories were around, and I'm telling you, he limited the scope of people in his orbit. Comedy is a meat grinder of jokes not used, and backbiting egos. When you act like this, you are closing yourself off from brilliant women who just want to do the work. IDGAF if the
  6. Typical middle class petulance. You can probably get mom to help pay for your ticket. If you want help with the girlfriend's airfare, you'll have to put a ring on it, and maybe a baby in the belly. I'm continuing my capricious spending--today I bought a $8.50 ice cream sandwich at a bougie bakery.
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