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  1. I was downtown yesterday, seeing an opera with a blue skinned alien (not the point). I'm walking with a friend, we see a big banner of Phylicia Rashad's role in Head of Passes, he points to it and says "Hey, there's a Bill Cosby defender." I forgot he had any. I wonder how awkward she feels now, or if she's one of those "no one landed on the moon" wackadoodles.
  2. My favorite Woody Allen movie clip from Hannah and her Sisters (Soon-yi is quickly featured in this movie with a bunch of other children.)
  3. Hiiiii. What's up? Napa, if you purchase a home can we get a photo series of Mac meeting with mortgage brokers? Ron how is Lola my special Lady? Brvy, have you gone to see the Kerry James Marshall mural in Chicago? Essay, good job on keeping the thread going. IE, BigD, Hank, Scram, um Birthday Guy, Weird Archery with a Foot Fetish Guy, Colby, and any one else I am not thinking of right now. Hey!
  4. A thread for us to list pop culture bits that will be tough to enjoy from now on.
  5. This is the sentiment that's making me batshit crazy. Can we talk about how it affects workplace behavior? I've received inappropriate behavior in every job I've had. Yeah, I didn't quit outright, but I did moderate hours put in and overall effort expended. Instead of mourning Louis' career, I have pity for him. Those stories were around, and I'm telling you, he limited the scope of people in his orbit. Comedy is a meat grinder of jokes not used, and backbiting egos. When you act like this, you are closing yourself off from brilliant women who just want to do the work. IDGAF if the
  6. Typical middle class petulance. You can probably get mom to help pay for your ticket. If you want help with the girlfriend's airfare, you'll have to put a ring on it, and maybe a baby in the belly. I'm continuing my capricious spending--today I bought a $8.50 ice cream sandwich at a bougie bakery.
  7. Section 121, row 15, seats 5 and 6; behind the A's dugout. I don't understand how the Cubs dropping the ball at first didn't count as an error. What was the Oakland error? That bloop up the 3rd base line that didn't roll foul?
  8. Hey guys. Last night I went to a play, it was supposed to be a comedy. It was not funny. What was funny was me picking out Larry David sitting in the crowd. I respect him less because he laughed and applauded; he must have known someone on stage-those lines were not funny at all. Tonight I'm going to the Broad Museum for a Perfume Genius concert. It's the most self aware artiest thing I've done in a while. I love Perfume Genius so I'm excited--the ticket also gets me in to the Museum in off hours so I can view the new Cindy Sherman exhibit, Hell yes. Other pluses for tonight: I'm meeti
  9. We notice, and the generously proportioned Floridian wait staff notice. Thank you. We've still got it!
  10. You kinky soothsayer. http://la.smorgasburg.com/
  11. Yay! I stayed in Wicker Park a little over a year ago. It's a nice neighborhood, and I've heard good things about Violet Hour. Please enjoy your weekend. (Do you facetime Mack when you're away?)
  12. Are you repeating yourself or have you shuffled the order?
  13. Love & Friendship It's a Whit Stillman adaptation of a Jane Austen novella I've never read. I've seen it twice, and it's very very good. It's set in regency England, Kate Beckinsale stars with a back up of Chloe Sevigny. Recommend.
  14. I love Stanley so much. Thank you for posting. Guy! Tell us what you did!! Who did you stay with, did you go to Flash Taco, what happened?
  15. Yes, Brvy please have your namesake smite the shunned one. Okay, so I went to the ball, the Light Reignfall. James Turrell likes to explore themes of saturated tones of color, and of depth perception, and lots of other things. I was the first attendee this morning, I signed the release form, took off my shoes and put my purse in the holding box. The white coated attendant took my info (total babe, not too gay, just gay enough, and I kind of hope he finds me on Instagram). The machinery looks like a PET scan machine, or an igloo, and I'm happy I didn't see anyone go in or out before I d
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