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I think he really really relates to Home Alone just for the title.

So, instead of doing actual work i need to do I decided to go through and tabulate all the punishments handed down by Essay. Not counted: prelim warnings (1 each) for BigD and Rod. Also, Essay was "

I'm assuming my jokes are valued at .77 of a man's.

After Bound and The Matrix, I was super high on the wachowski's, and they've been very spotty since then. Flashes of brilliance, but I'm pretty disappointed by their career. I am curious about sense8, I've heard okay things.

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i knew it was coming


too bad the same can't be said for your partner.



about the only bone i have to pick with the list is have casino above goodfellas. s/b godfather , godfather 2, and goodfellas for top 3. leave analyze this off altogether.

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I mean, I have a harder time with what strictly is a mob movie. Is pulp fiction a mob movie? Is Bonnie and Clyde, or is that just a tommy gun massacre movie. Do black gang movies count? does Gommorah?


If I'm going strictly american mafia movies, a lot of your shit has to go, Essay. Ain't nothing guido about Scarface.


Analyze this is cute and all, but I'd put something like Bullets over broadway in my top ten before that.

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Essay's Top Ten Superhero Movies


1. The Dark Knight Rises

2. The Avengers

3. Man of Steel

4. X Men Apocolypse

5. Iron Man 2

6. Batman Begins

7. X Men: Days of Future Past

8. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

9. Iron Man 3

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

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You were able to suppress even one minute of the Prince soundtrack? Or the movie that made Nicholson $200m+? Or the movie that was a blockbuster with 40 year olds in the lead roles?


C'mon son, get serious with your life.

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Essay's Top Ten Christopher Nolan Films



1. Inception

2. Memento

3. Interstellar

4. The Prestige

5. The Dark Knight Rises

6. Insomnia

7. Batman Begins

8. Following

9. Dunkirk

10. The Dark Knight

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