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Yeah, it would be pretty hard to find another Wang.

Who to engage: http://imgur.com/a/cf5LN   Who to avoid: http://imgur.com/a/gEznR

As a Winner, Wang, that's my instinct. That's why people root against people like me and LeBron.

non-vote vote


There's little to go on here other than the seeds.


Napa because upset!

write in: Beans because.....beans.



Also, it was something.

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Went with Napa because he had a gf for the weekend and did some making out. That gf is insane and on the rag and clearly has a toothache, but he had a fun weekend. Also came to the realization that it needs to end.



Strat also came to this realization but didnt report any activities.



Both of these scrappy kids have a place in my heart.

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So whoever gets the most votes, I'll remove from the next poll. Once we're down to 16, I'll combine the tribes into one poll.


The tribes were selected randomly.


I don't know what the point of this is really.


Ya right!

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I was one who voted for you if that helps...


I don't care dumdum!


And actually, glad that you can admit to it...takes a real man to admit to it, then again takes a real idiot to want me out...therefore ur now even stevens lol

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Why do I have to cast a vote on top too? I don't wanna...I just wanna cast a vote for myself!


Funny ...usually forums want members to sign up, meanwhile you're trying to drive us away?

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You don't have to use the guy's post to admit to voting me out too, ya know....just admit it, what a wonderful world this would be, if guys wouldn't hide behind some anonymous polling shit thread!

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