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  1. Yzerman GM if the Wings!!! Woot! Now his first order of business should be telling Blashill to hit the road. Who cares if you just signed him to a new deal. Get him outta here.
  2. wings have been swept numerous times. Also swept in the finals.
  3. I still play video games daily. Not as much as I'd like but once the kid is in bed my wife usually reads and I hop on my PS4 or Pc. Fortnite is pretty big. It's no different than League of Legends or CSGO though since those games have all had similar stories in their closet. Myself, I have over 1500 hours in CSGO. I question why a 9 yr Old has access to the game and also why they have access to a credit card. My soon to be 8 yr old is not allowed to play Fortnite, period. He also has zero access to our credit cards. I'll be "that guy" and say that yes video games are addictive but there
  4. I don't even bother building lol. I came in 2nd twice yesterday simply because I'm standing out in the open and the last guy is building to the sky and then pooping his head out and sniping me lol. I like the more military style BR game. Realistic guns with attachments and cars. I like cars more than building.
  5. H1z1. More realistic and no building crap. Still working out bugs I think but I like it a little more than fortnite. I really dislike the building aspect of that game. For PC I think PUBG is the best of them all.
  6. This was bothering me so I downloaded it and played. Other than the menu and the part where you choose to get off the bus (30 seconds of music tops) there is no music. While in the game actually playing you only hear the environment. So uh....
  7. Same. I dl it every once in awhile, play it a few times. Get bored. Delete it. Come back later. There are much better battle royal games out there imo. It'll be popular for awhile and then the next fad will come around and people will call that game evil.
  8. They are so hungry for attention they jump at the chance if they think someone wants to talk to them. Especially Moore. But jeez Palin couldn't answer a simple question like, "what newspapers do you read". She's pretty legit stupid.
  9. I disagree. This should be a pretty good match up. I've yet to watch today game but Croatia has been fun to watch.
  10. Congrats to the lottery luck box.
  11. Whoever was doing g the color in the Brazil game was angering me. Made comments that never actually fit what you would see. Guy dives and the replay shows very minimal contact and they say "he bulldozed him over". Guy gets totally demolished and during replay they say "just a little touch". Go England! Go Croatia! Go France!
  12. I can pretty much sing the entire Hamilton musical by heart.
  13. Why? I assume I'd fall into the Mercia non-lovers because I'm so adamantly opposed to what this country now stands for and my lack of rooting for USA teams in international competition. If I didn't actually love America then I probably wouldn't give a crap at what is happening. If anything, this mess has made me realize that I took for granted how great this country was and I don't want to see it get ruined. If that wasn't what you meant then, oops, how embarrssing for me.
  14. Oops forgot to respond to that. Yeah pretty much what Duane said. We looked into Canada and after going through all the stuff we were denied. We don't hold special skills nor do we have the required amount of assets.
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