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  1. Baseball, amirite? If the Cards didn't have the super gimp running the bases, Salty wouldn't have even thought about making the play at 3rd. And probably a non-gimp doesn't trip all over himself trying to get home. Also: that play by Pedroia was incredible.
  2. I prefer it when arenas dim the lights on the crowd.
  3. Well, the writer thought "palm trees in Nebraska" was a plot hole, so I don't really trust anything he says. I don't know how many movies have been mentioned in here so far, but I'm going to turn this into a bracket if/when we have 64.
  4. I don't totally understand what you're saying.
  5. Category: Oh you knocked me out, big freakin' deal
  6. I don't think that's a logic issue there.
  7. Good job, iphonen. Strat opened the door wide open for her to give him a clear answer and even pushed her toward the door, but she still wouldn't walk through it. My feeling is that she doesn't know for sure that she wouldn't ever date him, but she's also not out there pining away from him wishing they didn't work together. So after they're not working together and there is some space created and he gives her time to miss him being around, then he can try to work things back to the point where he can ask her out again. At which point he might get turned down again. But you
  8. Re: Teen Wolf I was reading an article yesterday about the biggest plot holes in movies and Teen Wolf was one of the dozen or so listed. I'm guessing nobody here could say what that huge plot hole was.
  9. That was after the week had concluded. I'm changing my vote to "absolutely."
  10. Now somebody start a Pot Odds vs. fritz thread.
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