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  1. Hi ChicagoPhil, Thanks for your comments. Here is an update... I really hated the w8 upgrade. It messed not only with the start menu, but there was no longer a search feature...which I DEFINITELY need!!! Also (I think) it reset my restore points...I no longer had any. Therefore, I went with the one suggestion I found on the interwebz - (wasn't solid advice and possibly not a good way to uninstall programs, but I chose it cus it was the simplest way to procede with removing it). I simply found and deleted all files (manually). And I now have my start menu back, amongst a few
  2. Meh...guess you didn't get the memo huh? See... I am indeed
  3. I'm not the ONE in here 24/7 dude!
  4. Misti Blue

    Car Talk

    Check your firing order and using low octane gas can sometimes cause this ticktock sound. Can also be an issue with a remote car starter going bad. Anyways, hope you find out what's wrong, Good luck!
  5. All I can say to that is....MAN YOU NEED A LIFE AWAY FROM HERE DUDE! Seriously....
  6. I will have you know, that my erm panties are quite comfty tyvm I wasn't expecting immediate advice or comments, but I also wasn't expecting the trolling to begin so quickly either. Guess my time away, I forgot how bad this forum is on the trolling aspect. sighs....
  7. SuperJon...this isn't the only place I have asked. I am simply trying to get the best advice out there and I know that these types of forums have computer geek type members (cue in FCPBob??? lol), therefore rather than register at every other tech site for advice (to ask a question to an issue which has already been previously responded to and asking it twice is frowned upon), I thought it was okay to post my problem here. Geez, there is so much other non-related poker crap on this site...why should my thread be any different than say the "Car Talk Thread" ? As for your example of
  8. For starters, I was seriously giving up hope (that there is mature enough members) on this site. That being said, thanks to the both of you for proving me wrong. Now getting back to the advice... It's not about trusting anyone per se, buttons. See...I had received an alert (either email or otherwise, I forgot) asking if I wanted to upgrade to the beta W8; so I thought it was a good idea (at the time) this was a couple weeks ago. Now, with that...there are loads of programs not loading up properly, one just happens to be my printer. I googled for help and typed out the issue
  9. You know...I can laugh it up at some of the other images / posters; but you...meh...YOU ARE A DUMBARSE! (plain and simple) Maybe you will figure it out (why it's not right to post such images) when you grow the **** up and have kids of your own. Then and only then, will you realize the harm an image such as this may cause. Go **** yourself, sir. P.S. This is something I should have done long ago...I have now put you on ignore. Oh and GO **** YOURSELF!
  10. oh geez....what was I thinking. This was a mistake, nevermind...will find help elsewhere.
  11. Hi Guys, Yeah...it's me again lol but this time I need your help, so BE NICE!! Last month I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now ....not so much, since a few of my programs are not working properly, possibly due to incompatibility issues? Question 1: Is there an easy way for me to switch back to Windows 7 without restoring system? What I wanted to try to do, was download windows 7 and install it...but someone recently told me if I don't remove the windows 8, it won't work. Also another issue I am having (which I think m
  12. awww....! Hey...do what you gotta do to feel good, imo. Glad I was able to entice you! Gonna let my fingers do the walkin' in a bit... lol... ...to each his own, I guess! Qué me confundí...
  13. And I should care.....why? bwahahahahahaha..........
  14. Hell nooooo....and NO! What a fashion faux-pas! WAIT. Why...who wears vests? Does rose? Cus I thought she only wore oversized t-shirts? o_O
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