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You know what else sells tickets, merchandise and tv viewers? Having a good team, year in and year out.

Tell that to the Rays?

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Cardinals and Red Sox  

missed it by that much  

If you root for St. Louis and you're not from the immediate St. Louis metro area, you're a horrible person.

as long as they got a dome its fine. nice climate controlled at 72 degrees.


it's not the weather, nobody who lives in Florida gives a crap

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it's not the weather, nobody who lives in Florida gives a crap



Hurtful. We care, it's just everyone is from somewhere else. Tough to develop those lifetime allegiances. I am a now FL sportsman through and through, but it took about 25-30 years, and it helped that I didn't have a parent in my ear pushing the NY teams or whatever.


I still have a soft spot for the Yankees (originally from NY) considering FL (I was in SoFL) didnt have a team until 1993.


That plays a part too. Baseball was in 1993, basketball was 1987 I think and hockey was something like 1994. That's all pretty recent.


i'd love to live in miami and be a marlins fan. great cheap tickets every night.


I can safely say that you would absolutely hate the city of Miami and it's surrounding areas.



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of the 10,000 reasons I'd want to live in miami, cheaps marlin tickets would be ranked around 9,853rd


Now this guy, he'd get in board with most things Miami

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Uh huh. Cuz a rich kid vacation 20 years ago at a posh hotel is the same thing as living, working, fighting traffic and all of that. Also, if you aren't bilingual, it's appreciably harder to do business down there. I couldn't work at a bank in the heart of Miami because my spanish isn't up to snuff

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Very interesting article about discovering/scouting Xander Bogaerts:




He's off to a hot start too, with a double and a walk in the opener as well as just missing a 3 run hr, and tonight he has a hit and 2 walks so far.


Pedroia made a retarded play tonight, no video link yet cuz the game's still going. He's my extreme-homer prediction for MVP, and my other extreme-homer wish-prediction is Bogaerts cracks the top 10 in MVP voting.

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hey tim, is koji gonna be the closer all year, no question? i'm thinking of trading for him and i need to know the deets.


Barring injury he's the closer all year no question, and you should definitely take him if it's a deal you like.


Without hyperbole he's the best closer the Red Sox have ever had, and last season put up one of the greatest seasons of any closer in history*. He's always been very good (although I'd never heard of him), but he's either figured something out or he's just in one hell of a groove, or both I guess. He's throwing more splitters and less fastballs than he used to, but that's really the only change I'm sure of.


He's 39 (birthday today!) but doesn't rely on high velocity and was very durable last year, so I don't think he's prone to injury any more than any other pitcher. And he came into this season picking up right where he left off. Tonight with a 1-run lead he got the side on 7 pitches, 6 strikes. And that even included a strikeout. He also pitched a scoreless 9th last night (one hit).


He still hasn't walked a batter since August 3, including the postseason, which is retarded. He's allowed 2 ER in that time (approx. 40 innings over 37 appearances).




*He set the single-season WHIP record for a reliever last year at 0.565, and at one point in August/September had 11 straight perfect appearances (and overall 37 straight batters retired).





He also makes for outstanding gifs, for what that's worth.



















Here's where I got the pitching gifs from, and there are a ton more as well as a long but fun article, all from his hidden perfect game: http://www.baseballp...articleid=21828




I could have just said "Yes for sure," but I'm also not gonna pass up a chance to ramble about Koji.

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i had to work this morning, so i swing by chiptole on my way home and get back in time for the start of the 4th, royals v. white sox. first thing i see is a grounder to third, moustakas backhands and makes the throw to hosmer. its in the dirt but hosmer picks it. rex hudler loses his mind. OH WHAT A PLAY. it was routine really. but the amazing thing is, during the replay, hudler says something like, "you see that scoop by hosmer, it was easier because the throw was low."


like honestly how does this guy still have a job. he's so terrible.

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