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Zimmer Ft @ Sunday Million!

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lame, kid can't even play pingpong
Way to rub it in. Guy just took a beat to bust.... wait he won..Weeeee!
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TYTYTYTYTYTY everybody for the support.For the record, I had 100% of myself in this tourney.
I'm sooooooooo glad you weren't on a stake shipping the 200+K. congrats you effin sicko
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posting in epic zimmer thread. most excellent stuff, many here would love the chance to blast isabelle's ovaries.
All my thoughts and emotions have been captured in wordsGG
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vvgj zimm!! Congratsnow you can afford to come to windsor and lose some of it to me at the casino!! J/K, but you can buy me a beer........well, we can wait till our birthday!!

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