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  1. http://twitter.com/howardhlederer'...gulp'The sound of a man losing $5m
  2. I think morons is unfair. They are so much worse than that.
  3. I'll join. Just started up trying to do this stuff properly, play within my limits and build a roll rather than spaff my cash away and re-deposit over and over again. I'm pretty low stakes though, so not sure I'll be able to keep up with folks on profit.jambot13 (Stars)
  4. Well that early success all came at once pretty much, which would have meant massive tax on the majority of his winnings. He's given over a good amount of those winnings to the government. A lean spell for several years after, with lots of big buy ins and no way to claim anything back, could all lead to running on fumes. And I think I heard his accountant sucked or something like that. Sweet timing though.
  5. Edit- OOOPS! Scrap that, my girlfriend would kill me. It's our anniversary this weekend. In for the March one maybe!
  6. Work will limit me to only a few events I guess:Friday, May 7, 201020:00 ET $16.50 NL Hold'em [2X Chance, turbo], $250,000 gtdSunday, May 9, 201013:00 ET $22 NL Hold'em [big antes], $250,000 gtd17:00 ET $22 NL Hold'em, $500,000 gtd17:00 ET $215 NL Hold'em, $1,500,000 gtdThursday, May 13, 201014:00 ET $33 8-Game, $75,000 gtd17:00 ET $11 PL Omaha Hi/Lo, $75,000 gtdFriday, May 14, 201014:00 ET $22 NL Hold'em [1 rebuy, 1 add-on], $250,000 gtd20:00 ET $22 NL Omaha Hi/Lo (turbo), $50,000 gtdAnd at the end of it, I'll only be down $407.50. Yay!
  7. Prefer to hear the additional player banter and less of the Gabe/AJ exchanges by a long way. They really seem to be shooting the shit back and forth a lot this season too, which is good.I also found Dwan's "Tall" description of Hellmuth extremely funny. Think it was the 5 or so seconds after where he sat there, silent, like 'what, you want something else? That's the nicest thing I could think of'.
  8. I think rather than asking 'what would make the Neg O more popular?', it may be more useful to ask 'what can we replace the Neg O with?' and I would suggest that a leaderboard/ranking system (a la the 4.40s one) which allowed loads more flexibility would be a good way to get a good competition going on the forums. Whenever the 4.40 challenge is run it generates a whole lot more interest and excitement than the Neg O.But, that doesn't really help answer the question you asked. As others have also said, I find that the time it starts is prohibitive. I know there's no way every time zone can be c
  9. Lurbz, you decided to get a bit active and made a speculative pre-flop call with 68suited, got calls behind and the flop's come down A,J,K rainbow. You've missed. Regardless of your initial intent, you've got nothing. Stop firing at it. It's just going to make things more difficult and make you look stupider and stupider on later streets.(I've tried to equate this to poker, because from what I've seen of your posts, it seems to be the one thing you actually understand to some degree. Hope it helps)
  10. Hellmuth sometimes reaches such an extreme level of poker stupidity that it's zen like. He's in a higher state of conciousness that none of us can even hope to come close to, we just don't get it because we aren't the greatest hold em player ever. This PAD episode felt like he was doing the same thing for SNG strategy as he did for Limit when he played Hoss_TBF and lost his mind in chat.http://hoss-tbf.livejournal.com/18125.html
  11. Apologies in advance if this gets a bit rambling, but would appreciate some advice here.I've switched from MTTs to SNGs recently and have pretty much been grinding two types - $6.50 45 turbos and $10.40 double or nothing turbos. I'm comfortable 12 tabling the former and 20-25 tabling the later (sometimes more depending on mood) but never at the same time.It's struck me that these are a bit polarised in playing style and it makes me wonder if it's limiting my improvement and if I should focus more on one than the other. In general, I think mixing it up helps me at times, because I can use the D
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