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  1. Hey Bob anyway I can get on the leaderboard for this quarter. Just started playing again and want some motivation. Foldits_88 is the SN
  2. http://www.wmur.com/news/23047351/detail.htmlLink to New Hampshire considering legalizing online poker Anothe great thing about New Hampshire
  3. haha thanks came in 5th for like 300...when a guy shoved in the sb and i had A7s in the bb..obv he had AK...then button shoves and i have AJ in bb he has AA gg me
  4. Coming in 7/9 should easily be chipleader but who cares pwn some noobs
  5. I'm in for this...I can't play from 2-4 but will easily get in over 150 games
  6. I like the 4am friday to 4 am saturday idea if it works for others...I have lab thursday from 2 PM-4PM so i would have to skip those two hours or something
  7. I cant really do Mon-Thurs caz of classes and labs, but I can do friday starting at 1am...Also don't want to put to much money on the line Id say nothin more than $25-30...everything else looks good
  8. Trueace and Babylon..if you want to do it this friday from 2 PM ET to 10 PM ET im up for that...had to move it back caz of a senior project meeting...I'm thinking $12 45 plr....$12 180...along with $16 18 plr and $16 9 plr....if you guys wanna do this let me know or if u wanna change anything...also maybe $20 on who wins to keep it interesting
  9. Anyone interested in doing a challenge that lurbz and highwaystar did last week? Maybe 12 hours this friday or saturday from 10am to 10pm ET? Times can change if it doesnt work for ppl...we can also determine the buyin/types of games...preferably 27 and under for me. Also if we want to wager anything on it nothing to big but something to keep it interesting. It would be cool to see 4 or 5 ppl doing this..Let me know of your feedback, etc
  10. 13625 Million29320 1/4 Million
  11. 3rd for 1027...just got tired and card dead shoved A6 into AJ after they both limped...on a pretty sick run tho I think ive cashed 5 or 6 in a row all deep
  12. ehh that was quick AQ vs KK...blind vs blind 5th for $222
  13. Yeah some of the calls/shoves at these levels i don't understand one bit, but it can be pretty easy to take advantage of
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