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  1. I prefer to let her do that. I did, was so proud of that hand after, I've told it to people and they're all "wtf" and then I give them my thoughts on it and they're like "ohhh...never woulda thought of that".
  2. I was, but am now dating a 20 year old. The first two days were great. The third day was a huge grind. The 4th day had the potential to make it good but the fact that it wasn't even a real experience definitely put the finishing blows on it. Here's the writeup, I'll spoiler so it doesn't take up the whole page for people who don't want to read it:
  3. You guys used to tolerate my ramblings, so here is a fairly random one... I saw these two posts shortly after all of this happened and wanted to give myself a week or two to try to comprehend how I felt about all that happened. I've received a lot of input and congratulations and questions from a lot of people, and people seem to universally fall into either the Strat group or the Randy group. I had been trying to figure out which group I fell into, when over time it's become clear I fall into both. Obviously, I am really happy about the money-even after sending a heap of it to the gov
  4. Yes, both of those things qualify as "marginal interest".
  5. Sigh, I went one level too far.
  6. That's not the explanation, dude got his money within 6 hours of posting.
  7. But the thread is gonna die soon, right? Right?
  8. I've talked with 3/4 of the finalists and can confirm that none of them would be higher than you'd expect. Grinder is 6'13 and sounds like you'd expect, and gobears sounds like your standard Californian. I'm pretty sure I know who should have won that bracket but I don't want to say for fear of angering him.
  9. Yeah, I'll be sure to not link them to this post...
  10. It's not even close. Not even close. You guys are comic-bad, like the Cubs. We've always got hope and then end up having things go as terribly as possible at the last possible finish. In order, we have lost Monday Night Football games the past 3 years when a) we were up by 8 with less than a minute left, gave up a touchdown, stopped the 2 point conversion, then they recovered the onside kick and kicked a 53 yard field goal for the win, B) we gave up a 56 yard field goal with 47 seconds left and then missed a 47 yard field goal, and c) we hold an 11 point lead over a team widely considered
  11. Yeah I've had a big week, unfortunately this is the only league that (currently?) I'm in that's not for money, and I've already lost 3 in the others with 1 up in the air (Brady +7 versus Gostowski and Moss).
  12. Probably one of my favorites ever, the above got me to actually laugh out loud. Well done.
  13. I like how almost all of the slugging percentages are lower than the on base percentages. We'd be an SP's nightmare.
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