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  1. QFT?The episode kinda blew, but i'll still watch next week no matter what. I can't wait till Jack bites his brother, thats when the **** is gonna to hit the fan
  2. I plan on watching Season 3 shortly, but I'm too busy to devout that much time right now. 24 is like crack, once you get a hit of one you need another fix right away, not that I would know though. I know of some stuff that happens in the past seasons and can't wait to watch themIf my friend gets into UF and rooms with me, then we're playing the 24 drinking game, either drinking whenever Jack kills someone or shouts "Dammit there's no time," or "I know what I have to do"
  3. In the past two weeks I have completed Seasons 4 & 5 and have already watched Season 6 up to tonights epsiode. I am so thankful for my friend letting me borrow his DVD's. I am a 24 addict and here to stay for the next couple seasons, and I have a major man crush on Jack
  4. I would've felt terrible if I was that kid, but at least he's got an awesome story for the rest of his life
  5. K-Fed goes up in my book for the ability to make fun of himself
  6. UNC vs Florida in the Final Four would be a great game.Winner plays the winner of UCLA/Ohio State/Wisconsin/Oregon
  7. I can't wait. Only problem is now two days of the week are gone due to Survivor and 24
  8. The Ring probably scared me the most out of any movie I saw in theaters. Even though some people disagree, House of 1000 Corpses is soooo ****ed-up, the stuff that family does left me sqirming for a week.On a brighter note there's this freshman on our school's lacrosse team who looks like a dead-ringer like the main boy from Children of the Corn. He has been nicknamed Malaky and he still doesn't know why
  9. I justed watched the first 4 episodes with my friends and I mentioned both of these.If CTU listened to everything Jack Bauer said the show would be called "12"
  10. I should be making $11,000,000 if all goes right
  11. This is why next year I'm getting another laptop. One for strictly poker and one for school, that way I won't be tempted to jump onto a site as I do research, or vice versa
  12. Keeping drinking to avoid a hangover.Trust me.
  13. Watched Season 5 of 24.Great day.
  14. I had a scare a couple years back, you know when I was actually getting laid on the weekends. It was the worst feeling in the world, I had no one to turn too and felt terrible. Now looking back its kinda ironic how the times girls want you to be extra careful because they didn't take their pill, you end up doing the opposite.But it is to argue, what is the better feeling: Girl telling you she's not pregnant or doctor telling you that your HIV test came up negative?
  15. "There's this thread in OT...if you open it then seven days later you die"
  16. It'd be so much easier if we all looked the same with stereotyping. Racial issue affect a lot of thinking.For the Duke Lacrosse trial, consider it this way: What if 3 black guys supposedly raped a white girl at Duke? Who would you believe?
  17. This sucks because I'm writing a research paper on internet gambling and everytime a new event happens I have to rework my paper. The neteller thing will cost me 2 hours of mylife and this, probably another 30 minutes
  18. You are wrong, its not all rake. The payouts for the $250's are $1075, 640ish and 440I'm not sure of the exact numbers but it isn't all that bad, then again I've never been to Vegas It depends, I find it to be just as much play as online. Its about 9-12 hands a level and usually gets down to 5 people 45 minutes in and some take an hour to hour and 15 minutes.Try it out and see how you like it, I personally find it to have some play
  19. Though Florida poker sucks for the most part, the Seminole Hard Rock is a good place to play. Though the cash games will not matter for pros, the Sit-n-gos are great IMO. They range from $140, $250, $520 and $1050's and run they 24/7, even at 4-5am there will still be seats open for a $250. The structure isn't half bad either and there is a lot of play. Most poker rooms in florida suck, the Hard Rock is the exception
  20. Some of you should read this article by Bill Simmonshttp://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story...=simmons/070119Think about it, really.
  21. Damn this will probably cost me money in the long run, but at least I'll be able to study during finals
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