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  1. Good stuff so far as I've stated before I'm quite enjoying this thread. It seems like most of the people in this thread spreading their knowledge are from the Western world and thus had a very low chance of being born into a buddhist family meaning they had to convert on their own sometime in life which is basically where I'm coming from if you couldn't tell.Anyways one more question about buddhism I had is how do they deal with rule/law breakers. Now ideally no one would ever murder someone else but in reality we all know it happens. Does buddhism lay out specific rules/policies on such crime
  2. I'll agree with the posters above that all of that has been written in this thread has been very interesting and enlightening (see what I did there?) and I appreciate everything that has been shared as I'm sure others do to.I'd just like to add that I'm slowly learning a little bit about Buddhism as a whole and all that goes along with it and the part I like the most is that I have yet to come across anything that directly contradicts my own "secular" values. My main problem with Christianity and other religions has never been the supernatural beliefs they hold (though I often find them ridicu
  3. Thanks for this explanation and interpretation on "ridding yourself of desire". At first I to thought that it sounded very cold almost like "If I never love anything or anyone then I'll never be hurt" which is indeed quite depressing the "live in the here and now" is much more uplifting I believe.I've been reading up on Buddhism a good bit recently trying to understand it more and from what I've learned thus far I quite like it I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.I've talked to people about Buddhism who seem to know more than me and it was explained to me that Buddhism h
  4. Fun gameHockey- Oilers with the Penguins being second. I was very young when the Oilers dynasty was strong and barely remember it however I do remember Gretzky being traded and since I didn't understand it I chose to be very mad at Gretzky for a long time silly I know but I was 3. I then gravitated towards Gretzky's closest rival of Lemieux and followed him and the Pens for his entire career. I always had a lot of respect for Lemieux because he never seemed to catch a break with health etc and yet still seemed to shine.Baseball- Blue Jays thought I don't watch it much growing up with CBC got l
  5. Thanks for the info It was just really strange because I'd never seen both before but the slash was pretty harsh and certainly deserved a major. Is there a rule allowing a ref to give a penalty shot and a minor?
  6. So I was at the Oilers-Coyotes game tonight and in the second period a the ref made a strange ruling I'd never seen before. Shane Doan stole the puck and went in alone on a breakaway but was broken up by a vicious slash by Sheldon Souray. The ref then awarded Doan a penalty shot AND gave Souray a 5 minute and game misconduct. I had never seen a ref call a penalty shot and penalty on the same play and was wondering if it was because the ref was calling intent to injure on the play, the slash was pretty violent. I'll add a link if the slash gets youtubed.
  7. Wouldn't the Million Dollar Man be this guy's poor friend?
  8. Wow sick report and getting Colby's stick must have been freaking sweet.I was wondering if anyone knew much about the financial's behind the this game. Couple questions:1. Was this a Sabres home game? I figured it would be but Pittsburgh had the dark jersey's on but I thought they may be because their blue retros look so good. 2. Did this game make more, less or about the same as a standard Sabres game? There were obviously way more tickets sold for this game which means huge ticket revenue but the game also probably cost a ton to put on since it required the whole rink being set-up, plus the
  9. And to all a good night... seriously I'm going to bed. Merry Xmas Everyone
  10. I've been noticing this also over the past couple of weeks St. Louis always seems to have several games in hand vs. most of the Western Conference and was wondering how they could have 6 fewer games than some and was wondering if anyone knows if there is an explanation for this or if St. Louis has a packed schedule and Anaheim has a slow schedule at some point.
  11. Serge finally got a jopke account!!!
  12. lordofelt


    Agreed I think "the holidays" have a positive impact on our society in a number of ways; they lead to an increase in chartiable donations, they drive large parts of the economy. Christmas has become a conglomeration (sp) of many traditions from all over the world, some of which have their roots within Christianity and some of which do not. A quick list off the top of head yields:Pagan TraditionsDecember 25th- initially a pagan holiday "Saturnalia" to celebrate Saturn's birthdayChristmas Tree- ancient tradition as evergreens were considered luckySanta Claus- Dutch folkloreTurkey dinner- North
  13. lordofelt


    As is often the case in religous debate we are going to have to agree to disagree on this point. We can agree that America is a great nation and the envy of many nations. You believe that the reason America is great is because the founders were primarily Christian and that those Christian values led the founders to create the great country that they did. I however believe that it was the founders ability to study the past and avoid mistakes made by others combined with their common sense and interpretation of justice and logic that allowed them to build the United States. These are certainly c
  14. I've been thinking over this for the past couple days and am wondering whether or not this study will lead to more indepth studies on the same topic.It seems that most people either accept or discredit this topic based on their own personal beliefs ie. no believers think it doesn't do anything believers believe in it and i actually believe both thought lines are dangerous especially the athiest one despite leaning that direction myself. Athiests use as their main debate tool the backing of science and the scientific method. That is they observe the world and try and determine why things happen
  15. lordofelt


    The founding fathers were for the most part Christian but they also benefited greatly from establishing the country after much revolution and upheavel in Europe. It were these revolutions and uprising in other countries that lead to the framing of the Constitution and country more so then their faith. i.e. They saw many of the monarchs of Europe being either overthrown as in France or being forced to establish Constitutional monarchies as in England and realized the flaws of establishing a countries leader based on birth rights as opposed to based on merit and what the people wanted (democracy
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