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  1. Eastgate moved to England after the first part of the tournament, as far as I know, can not blame him, there are some talks about him not having to pay taxes, but no one knows for sure, even SKAT has to look into it, and they are also looking into 30 other high stakes players at the momentHowever the rules on online Poker are much better, if the Pokersite have a license within the European Union, the winnings are taxfree.
  2. Two cards 2/3One card 1/3So 2/3 of the time it will be one of the two cards paired, showing a card is just to mess with your mind.There was a lot of fuss about some gameshow, that used this, but I can not remember the name.
  3. I do follow the blog to read about Poker, dont care much about golf, but if you have been reading the blogs for a while you will see that DN said that this was his personal blog and if you wanted pure Poker, you should read the articles he writes for various Pokermagazines, so you just have to make due with what he gives you.
  4. Tried it once, it was fun, mostly because none of us knew how to play it, just played for fun money at doyles room.
  5. Congrats, get all you can out of it, and good luck in the 4 big tournaments.
  6. I think the format sucks, if you want to play team Poker, then set up a series of one table tournaments, one player from each team on each table, give points for how you place and add it up afterwards.We play a Team tournament on Ladbrokes every wedensday and this is the format and it works.
  7. Saw a hand in their deathmatch, where I must have missed somethng, Ken vs Katie allin, Ken is short, so she have to call.Ken shows J ,4 Katie shows 10 ,5 Board 5 K Q 9 J and Ken wins the hand?What did I miss??
  8. The show was getting to be a bore, but then Phil Helmut showed up Man seeing him going allin in a split second with the worst hand was so funny, loved the instant replay action
  9. If you think that is hard, then forget about it, when you start dealing you will be getting little pay and lousy work hours.
  10. Wow, half the artikel is just a list of names of celebs
  11. Over here the handicapped goes to special schools, which often are more expensive to run as they often have the students living at the school, so there have to be a few teachers there over night.However our public school system isnt as good as it used to be, classes are getting bigger, in the cities we have problems with immigrants, which have to learn the language first, this takes some resources away from the standard teaching. So private schools are gaining ground, due to smaler class sizes and I believe parents think that there is a better teaching enviroment
  12. Having your allin called by someone that have Q5o, when the flop shows AA3 and he says didnt think you had it
  13. Would this be the new main event? Biggest buyin and widest skillset required to win.
  14. oh well 1000+ hours of play gone oh well, think I would rather give my creditcard info away to a stranger, oh well. :roll:
  15. Make som $50 prizepool freerolls and allow a max of 3000 players, then watch and be amazed, 2000 people will show up and play for the $10 first price, someone should put them up for the Darwin award.
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