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  1. That's not what they said on the show last night. According to Bart, it will be made available as a free preview to everyone. I'd expect to see it on the website in a few days.
  2. Huff said on the circuit tonight that Gavin Smith is co-hosting the PPV!score. gavin with gordon is better than gordon with a non-pro who he feels superior to.
  3. You can be assured that when Mr. Cunningham does take down the ME, he will be compensated for his loyalty to Full Tilt... Full Tilt will pimp him out like he's Julia Roberts in pretty woman.
  4. I really question why the WPT would bring up online gaming. Why? Because they have their own online pokerroom!
  5. Or maybe it adds soome much needed drama to a group of unknown players competing for the biggest prize pool in poker history, which will produce better TV ratings.
  6. This isn't a beauty pagent. He doesn't have an ethical commitment to do good for his cause if he wins. If Gold wins and he doesn't want to be the "ambassodor of poker" then he could just sit in a giant house in the hills counting his money and not answering his phones.
  7. I agree, DN can sleep when he wants.But, why doesn't he have to play until Friday? I think taking day 3 of would be a mistake, he probably won't have too many chips left come day 4.
  8. Still more than he makes playing poker.
  9. New Rules: They are now allowing players to start hands rolled up.Nath Pizzolato Cracks RocketsNath Pizzolato doubles up when he flops a set of eights against an opponent who is holding a set of aces.
  10. What a mixed game doesn't count? Sounds pretty close to S.H.O.E. to me...
  11. You are the best player in the world!?! Phil?
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