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  1. me not funny?::tear:: hey, if I made anyone cry or become frantically emotionally unstable with my comments that caused them to take there "pills" or increase there blood pressure.I apologize.I"ll stay away from this topic "Chateau De Sexe"jst Warning, if you can't take any bullchet, don't dish it out.
  2. "it takes 2 to tangle"you're right, to an extent. Yet I'm going to defend myself when others that supposedly are "leading by example" attempt to flame me.btw I'm not expecting, nor never expected to be welcomed with "open arms" I just post, reply, and go on with life. Its all shits and giggles for me! apparently to others its there...LIFE! I won!
  3. Apparently you don't understand English. When I stated clearly, and directly to you that "Please don't' reply to my post's"Okay. Mr. Wong! Got it? Get it!? Good!p.s. This dude is even checking out my FCP Profile!scaryyy...
  4. Hey, if ppl are throwing accusations and insults at me. Don't whine when I simply reply to your obvious direct posts. Yet, there the ones supposedly "leading the example" give me a break!I mind my own buis. FCP is a Community.enough said.
  5. okay Miss. Encyclopedia.Seriously you have Lonely, Desperate, Sad, Nerd, and still living with "mama" Written All over yourself! If I wanted discuss any matter with you I would be a Man and send you a IM, and not be a person who lacks judgment or sense to repeatedly show his Hypocrisy. By stating that no one replies and to get a "hint" yet does the very thing he professes no one to do, that is "Replying to my Posts." I could post, whenever, wherever I please. Seriously. You're a Joke!Please don't reply to any of my posts.Good Day Maam.
  6. lol thanx for proving your own point about "ignoring me" you're a smart guy.
  7. people only call when he/she "needs" something.to prove my point, when was the last time besides your Mother. That has called simply to say "hi, how are you?" and leave it at that? lol
  8. And I thought I was the only one with this problem. hehe
  9. Tequila is a friend at first then kicks you in the @##!! lol
  10. c'mon now next time don't mention anything about what "you" do quit the boring, same lame conversation subjects, school, work, family!Enjoy yourself, have a drink tease her and everything else will fall into place.gl!
  11. because they eat alot?why do cops have the highest divorce rate than any other profession?
  12. Why do ppl say "I"m sweating like a pig!"if pigs don't sweat?
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