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  1. 2 plus 2 is doing one, there using the stars tlb for points system. A strickly no limit tier, and also an all game tier with i think its your top 8 finishes. Im def down to help out or join myself.
  2. Interested in joining or help start a leaderboard type pool for the MSOP.
  3. Anyone looking for an extra team? Id like to get in a league free or cash either way.
  4. haha i was thinking the same thing, although they wouldnt of got anything out of me either way.....
  5. Thanks, 3 handed i went monster dead .. then had to lay down an ace to re raise which crippled me. Hu lost to a riverd 2 pair..GGThanks for support, bandwagonments tip sent.
  6. Ty, ive not had much success on full tilt tourneys.....Positive attitude today!
  7. Sitting about 4/8 now.....Any early birds?
  8. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthread.php?t=38595This is a review of the room, as well as some players talking about having a game spread for them. Yes they are very strict right now, but they are the same way at Mountaineer. Im there almost daily but i still have to stop at security let them fill out a form and get a wristband every single day. I just moved to the area recently when they opened to deal. If you have any questions about the place i can fill ya in.
  9. On 2 plus 2 they were talking about setting up a night at Wheeling Island to where people would meet and play there at whatever limit or game(s) they wanted spread.
  10. Im playing 1/2 or 2/5. More than likely ill be there for the next 2 days.
  11. This week no. I went back home to Ky for Thanksgiving. Wed and Thurs are my nights off though, and i spend more time at Mountaineer on those nights than any other night. And its normally after 8 or 9 pm before i even get there. On other nights its always after 4 am before i even get there so yeah when im there its always late. I most of the time am with 2 other dealers, and i wear dark prescription glasses all the time.
  12. They seem to be pretty tight on security. I dont know of any way in without being carded. Ecspecially at Mountaineer, i play almost every night i still have to go through security and get a wristband every night.
  13. Believe it or not, it was actually a downgrade.
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