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  1. All the big dogs from Full Tilt have been playing some SERIOUS omaha and omaha hi/lo lately. Here is a link to some stats datamined from Full Tilt the past few weeks or so. Benyamine is crushing everyone and Matusow is crushing things as well.Full Tilt StatsDN should get in there and play. Would like to see how his stats look.Oh, and the full tilt pros seem to be donking their money away except for Matusow.
  2. So anyway, saw this about David Benyamine who is a regular in the Big Game in Bobby's Room:Quote taken from http://www.tonygpoker.com/blog The infamous TonyG I know Daniel is focusing on the WSOP, however, although David Benyamine is obviously a strong all around player, you have to wonder what in the hell is going on if this is true. Has there been a larger influx of rich morons than usual who are testing their luck not only in the WSOP tourneys but also in the biggest cash game around? Wouldn't DN be better off saying to hell with the grind that the WSOP really is for him and taking a
  3. DN: Jh 7hRaymer: 10h 5hRaymer raised before the flop. DN Calls.Flop: Kd Jc ?2d? not sure if what the third card was but it was a brick.Check CheckTurn: 4Raymer Bets, DN callsRiver 2DN Bets, Raymer instantly all-in.DN immediately looks at him like "thats just not right"mulls over it a bit and calls with his mid pair.Absolutely unreal call. DN picked off a few of Raymers plays at a few pots before this one and then made this rediculous call. Hell of a play.
  4. Because this to me is a very ignorant statement. Who are you, or anyone else for that matter, to say that poker isn't a team sport? No one person came up with poker, it has no predefined parameters, the very fact that there are so many forms of poker speaks volumes for its adaptability.
  5. My friends and I are having a "team poker" night tonight 3 v 3... everyones really curious as to what each other is going to do
  6. "Could not connect to server. Server is currently full and cannot accept anymore players."1:21 PM CSTHelp? Or is it something I just have to deal with. Also, does it happen a lot?Note: Just happens when "Ring Games" tab is selected. I selected tournaments and was able to log in. But then when I click on Ring Games again it says the server is full again.
  7. It's only "cheating" if an action is against the rules of the game. Clearly collusion was not against the rules here. And it's a bit ominous to say that pokerdoes not allow collusion as one of it's basic principals. It does if the rules of the game allow it. Poker is just about betting, folding, and calling and the best hand at the end wins. I think Team Poker is an extremely intriguing idea and I would very much like to see what the more creative poker pros come up with as strategies against other teams. Poker is all about adaptation, and, rather than just having to adapt your style to a
  8. First off I'll agree with you in that they should have absolutely, no doubt about it, informed the players of the format and the rules (or lack thereof) regarding what is and is not acceptable. However, I have to disagree with some things. I believe that if they would have informed you ahead of time about what was going on that this form of poker may actually be more complicated and thus require more creativity, skill, and strategy in order to gain an advantage over the other team. (Yes the bold part is very important, I know).Take out of the equation the fact that you did not know ahead of
  9. I returned last night from my second trip to Las Vegas since I turned 21. I recently started reading Daniel's blog and, as a "newer" poker player it's no surprise I got hooked. By newer I of course mean I've only been playing since poker got huge, but I wouldn't call myself an amateur seeing as my entire college income has been thanks to poker. Anyways.. to the point of the topic. The term "party like rock stars" should definitely be changed to "party like a poker player" (well, for the new generation of poker players anyways, I don't think I can picture greenstein or doyle partying too h
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