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  1. I could do that. Can you share? Like give me a $100 for each account I open with you.
  2. Whats the best E-wallet type to use for US player? For Full tilt Doyle's room and Poker stars and Cake.Thanks
  3. Are you that new to poker? You win a 50K pot, then you lose a 50k pot.Your out that tip. Its not like you won the lotto, or I would agree with ya
  4. Its out allready.......................... http://www.liveatthebike.com/archives/index.phpIts $15 Month Benefits: Watch The First LIVE Cash Poker Broadcast In The World! Over 1500 Hours of Archived Episodes Available On Demand! Go Back and View Episodes You've Missed! Improve Your Game as you Watch! Advanced Streaming Technology Available 24 Hours/Day!
  5. Its $5 Why would you think it should be more? If they play 30 hands per hour, thats $150 per Hour! Thats would be $300K per year!****, I'll do it for $3
  6. LOL! Nice first post.I wasnt "getting" that they could look each time they flipped a card. I was thinking it was a random discard. I get it now
  7. OK, so lets say we did flip all 999,999 and were down to the last card. What odds would you give me now. Would you give 10,000 to 1, If I agree to keep the card I picked at first? Ya I know 999,999 cards ago your choice was a HUGE FAV. But at this point would anyone take this bet?
  8. 1st off, they are not awsering my emails, 2nd F.O! If you arnt going to be helpful just pass on by.I also wanted to see if others have had any problems with them. When I ask for the money that I put in on netteller, to be given back to the same Act. why would they even care? Its not like im asking for a check to be sent to some P.O box. Anyway, anyone here play at this site , please leave a mesg.Tks
  9. When we performed a routine security check, we noticed that your account is linked to other customers' accounts - either by email address, physical address or telephone number. In such cases, fraud control rules require us to confirm the account details and investigate the reason for the linked details.We would appreciate it if you would forward us the following information as soon as possible. If you are aware that you have used someone else's details, e.g. address, telephone number, please explain your relationship to Daniel Zimmerman and Chris Hundley the person/s whose details you used.THI
  10. tks, but ive seen them. no real info, ummmmm????
  11. I was looking for a guide for this game.Like basic starting hands, ect.Anyone know of a web site or any place for some good info .Tks
  12. I agree. If you think about it.......... If 2 people are in a pot, and the pot is 50KEach person put in about 25K each - the blind. When a player bets 100k then he wins that hand, HE WON 25K! Not 50K Not 150K. In other words his stack went up by 25K.
  13. 2 funny! We will just move the boarder North a bit.
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