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  1. They had either an issue or a reboot. Was playing during lunch when it happened. Had to go back to work earlier than my usual 2 hour lunch.Ed
  2. I have stuck to microlimit PL on bodog for the majority of the time I have been there. Put $35 on there in July and have yet to redeposit. Took out a big chunk in Jan after talking to some friends about my worries on if I would be stuck out if they(bodog) bailed on me. Dropped me down to $400 and I went back to grinding it out at .10/.25 PL and .05/.10 PL with the occasional .10/.25 NL thrown in. A rough March removed most of my earnings from Feb but April and May have been good so I am nearing $900 as of last night. Once I hit 1k I will go back up to .25/.50 and .50/1. I sprinkle in a $
  3. Funny you should mention Sabina. Just read this news yesterday.http://wickedchopspoker.blogs.com/my_weblo...a_gadecki_.htmlEd
  4. Visit pokerati.com if you do not already. Many folks from that area visit and comment.Ed
  5. Played with an 18-19 year old at Choctaw in November.Ed
  6. Maybe DN should have ran the video by Stephen Colbert's black friend.Ed
  7. I usually love his video blogs but I think he should have used his free time finishing up that book instead of doing this one. Come on DN...hurry up so I have some new reading material.Ed
  8. Jan 29th I decided to take a bit out. Went through that day so now I will wait the 15 business days or whatever they said to see if it gets here. Friend did courier and got his pretty quick. Here is what he told me..."I requested a payout on Thurs Jan 18th, on Tue Jan 23rd got the email that check by courier is now available, got my fedex tracking number on Tue the 30th and the check on that Wed"Ed
  9. Started playing for money back in April 2005...never been up...probably put about $30 a month on UB that year or close. I think if I look at my log I may have a couple months where I was up a bit the next month and then lost it all and waited until the next month to redeposit. 2006 was looking the same at first until March/April when I placed in a turbo freeroll on Doyles and made $27! Then I got it up as haigh as $170 in a few weeks...moved $50 to FTP...then proceeded to lose it all on both sites. Put another $30 in Bodog back in July and have $1k on there now. I am down in all live sessi
  10. Not at Doyles Room (unless it has changed since I was there early Summer). A mucked hand is just that...a mucked hand. Makes online play more like B&M play when you don't get to see the crap they were playing to the river.Ed
  11. here is an outdated screenshot of what i created. some columns have been moved around and i now calculate total time and $ per hour that i make. oh and i have a tab after each month for a chart to see how my bankroll moves. i prefer an upward direction but the last thre months of 2006 it was more of a rollercoaster.There are some issues with rounding at certain times but I have used it enough now I can catch it and make a slight tweak to that cell and it works fine. Nothing I ever cared to look into and fix.Ed
  12. Jonbonwolf, not new to poker or gambling. I have always given away more money than I should to poker and blackjack dealers. Same with going out and tipping waitstaff. I can have a $10 tab and tip $8-10 if I was hanging out and taking up space.With tipping a dealer I have always tried to give an amount that just felt right. If I won a $200 pot then I would toss a couple $1 chips. Not a professional or doing it for the money yet. Just play 1/2 or 2/5 to get better and have fun when I go to the card room with friends. Some day I am sure that will change if I ever play a bigger game. I do
  13. I don't know. Was just thinking when I win a $100-150 pot at a 1/2 game I will throw a $1 chip. So I can only imagine if I won $50k I would want to chip a little more than $5. Maybe I am too generous for my own good. :)Ed
  14. Agreed. I played there at the micro limits and the bonus structure is just not very good for us little guys. I got my bankroll up a bit and then took the money out and put it in FTP again which I enjoy playing at more than Titan. Ed
  15. Just wondering if anyone knows how much the chip denominations are that the folks on HSP use for dealer tokes. Someone on another forum mentioned $5 and I had to laugh. I just don't see them pitching a $5 chip after raking in $50k+ pot. Are they $5 or maybe a little higher?Ed
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