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  1. I was sitting at a not full 10 man table, 4 of us playing. By the way, if you play at a site that has trouble filling up a full ring game, FR players in a SH situation is pretty profitable.Anyway, guy to my left is semi loose, but weak/tightish post flop. Next to him is a pretty tight tag, like he's playing a full table. Next to him is a new guy, bad player.I'm playing the usual SH game, which is loose in comparison to these guys, and due to the weak post flop play, winning a lot of hands w/o showdown. The few I've showndown were winners.I steal raise with 9 8 from MP. (I'm stealing more o
  2. what stakes? So far I've found it pretty tight too.
  3. I like the bet. If he's got a missed draw with the Ace, he may call. If he had, say a 6, he folds and then everyone gets to wonder whether you had something or not. If he calls with a pair of twos, you show your bluff-with-good-cards. If he folds a pair of twos, yay you.
  4. I don't see the point in the raise. UTG could easily be playing a 6 or a 9 or nothing. Two hands you beat, and I'd need some read on UTG to think he would throw away the one that beats you for one bet on the end.
  5. I hate it when you get a prime situation with the right seat and then someone comes along and d!cks it up.
  6. 2+2 has this stickied in the short handed forum, so you might want to check it out there. It's a lot to type.As a side note, I can commiserate. I don't use PT much either. Sometimes someone will post advice I'll wonder about and ask why etc. and get back, '37/12/3'Call me old fashioned, but I like words.
  7. I'm about the same as you. Usually between 90-160 a day, 5 days a week.
  8. Thanks. I called down. No way to fold the river after the SB leads flop turn river, right? Too much chance he has JJ on down...It's been brutal for me on PSh so far. First ten minutes in 7 straight sessions I'm already down 25BB as my good cards get outdrawn or on occasion outcarded. If I hadn't been able to dig myself out a couple of times, I'd be in the hole twice the 50BBs I'm in now.I almost posted a hand where I rivered trips against a total loose passive wondering if I should've checked behind after betting the other rounds. (I lost J5 v. JT. If he had been a TAG, I probably would
  9. hey all. No hand history 'cause it's from PokerShare and that site tilts me way too much toremember to get HH #'s from.So, as happens to me everytime I play on PSh, I got good cards early, mostly big non-pairs and mid pockets. There's a very Loose, semi-passive player on my right - in BB. To the right of them is a semi-loose (say 35% VPIP. I'm trying to learn how to talk PT) aggr. player - in SB.Since I've gotten decent cards, I've been raising a lot, and had to fold to some agression when my AJ flops QQT or my pocket 9s ran into a KJQ flop. IE, I'm getting loose calls now, from more than
  10. I think that would only work against a player who can fold his pocket Jacks or K9 steal raise. Although donking the turn may get a call from a confused A high. I don't see alot of evaluating you can do though, if you check the turn and he bets a blank.
  11. It's either check raise the turn or check raise the river. He may not bet KTs or KJ on the river, so I'd get my check raise in on the turn too. People don't like to fold when check raised. People with TP hardly ever.
  12. And you get to see the showdown for the same # of bets (assuming you would have raise/folded).
  13. That bet is likely not much of a mistake though depending on the player. Semi-bluffing here is technically -EV but can still become profitable. Even a total bluff may be profitable. And then there are the times he bluffs with the best hand, like Q6.
  14. I didn't specify opening/or with limpers, but there are a few occasions when I won't open raise with A9o UTG or UTG+1.
  15. Too dependent on table/opponents. There are times I fold A9, and times I raise A4.
  16. I don't mind it, although his leading the turn makes me nervous.
  17. What makes you think he's folding them? WTSD #'s?
  18. I can admit when I'm wrong, but so far nothing has changed my mind. Like I wrote above, there are other hands I'd like to see fold, like J7 or T8 so that we don't catch a card only to not win. I also want Ax to pay to draw. He can't be wrong if you don't give him a bet to call. Same deal with any other GS. Who cares? You may be way ahead now, but you're ahead far less by the river. I certainly don't want to make trips on the turn and have to pay off a straight on the river, or river two pair and have to pay off a straight. I don't like betting a blank turn. If the pot is too small to p
  19. Agreed with everyone else re: the hand This is where you have to manipulate people, play the player. Teach people to not do what you hate them doing. Call the flop and raise the turn when you hit say, TP with a JT that you tried to steal with. Message: you don't know what I'm raising, but if you want to brush me off the plate, I'm charging the mound. Just show down some winners before you start doing that on a bluff (unless the guy's timid).
  20. Agreed. I think I'd check this turn. If he doesn't check raise much, it's really close. I don't track play with PT (I use my feeble brain), so I might try a raise on the river if I hit if I think he has and will pay off with tens or some lower pocket pair. If I think he has nothing, I'll bet the turn. I think we can be pretty sure he has no A.
  21. It was, but it's not the first piece of writing on the subject. PSO's had a thread about it for a while.Acesfull, if the Vegas casinos want to run online rooms, that's good for them and good for us, and good for the government. So you can see it's doomed. Not to mention, it's the online transfer of money that the gov is targeting, so playing a Vegas room would be as illegal.
  22. I too think it's fine. I check raise the turn though if that Q were a ten.I don't like 3 betting the flop so much. You know he wants to bet the turn, why give him a reason not to? Then when you lead the turn and he calls and you lead the river and he raises you,
  23. I either bet the flop or check raise it. Here I bet it because you can only face one person with two cold should the button bet. not only that, any Q likely bets or calls because the Ace is scary.Picking up the nut flush draw, I bet again depending on what happened on the flop after I bet.KK still has an edge here I think. Picking up the flush draw is icing on the cake.
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