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  1. Funny how accurately that describes so many Christians.
  2. You mean like Saban signing Culpepper? Or the Chargers taking Leaf? You get a retread QB because in this league, you can win with avg to slightly above avg. skill players. Honestly, I don't even think the Raiders need to replace Brooks. At least not this year. If you've been watching the past several years of drafts, you know that linemen are not dropping to the middle to late rounds. If I'm building a team, I'm building it from the most important aspect with the best players I can get.Meanwhile, there isn't a huge drop in talent at QB. There's a couple of guys at the top, plenty of guys
  3. 1 - It may be a short one (Rypien, Warner, Hostetler, Dilfer, Plunkett), but there is a list of bad/avg. QB's with rings. There's no list of bad O-lines or D-lines with rings. 2 - If you dropped Peyton Manning behind the current Raiders line, they still aren't going to the playoffs.3 - If the Raiders are thinking Super Bowl next year, they really are insane.Trading down for Smith is a would be bad. If they really want another QB, they should sign Leftwich, Shaub, Simms, or maybe Delhomme if the Panthers let him go.
  4. The Lions sucked before Kitna and they'll suck after Kitna. I'm not saying he's good, but I believe they said in the Dallas game he's been knocked down more times than anybody else this season. They even talked about how sore he's going to be at the end of the season. I'm not saying two o-linemen are the sole reason the Jets are in the playoffs, but they are a big reason. Just ask Pennington's shoulder how much it likes those guys.I agree that Pennington should get the comeback player of the year. I also don't need Kornheiser to tell me Pennington has a noodle arm, I saw that for myself hi
  5. Kitna is not the reason the Lions suck.Look at the Jets this year. They drafted Ferguson and Mangold, and they're in the playoffs with noodle armed Chad Pennington, and a trio of running backs most people can't even name.Once the Titans fixed their O-line, they started winning games.You aren't seriously arguing that a poor offensive line can be overcome by a QB or RB are you?
  6. It's pretty hard to score either way. He absolutely screwed the pooch, and is responsible for the decision, but it does 'just happen'. The list of QB busts is by no means a short one.
  7. Thanks, I thought it was Joe Morgan for some reason.I don't think Brady Quinn is going to be a successful NFL QB, but regardless, picking a QB first is stupid. Football games are won on the line of scrimmage. So called skill positions are way overrated. Friggin Jon Kitna had 4,000 yards passing this season. With a good O-line, an avg RB will do (see Ladell Betts, Travis Henry), and Tennessee proved this year that you can win with average WRs.Offensive and Defensive line is where you build champions.
  8. They need to pick that Wisconsin lineman. Drawing a blank on his name... Morgan?
  9. He guessed wrong. It happens. As for the situation on the 12, it's a lot harder to score a TD than a FG. How would you 'let' the Jets score? Tell everybody not to tackle? Then the Jets guy runs sideline to sideline til the game's almost over, then runs in for the TD.
  10. Didn't want to jinx it, but now that it's over, league champ in 2 of 3 leagues. One championship team I had was a horribe draft by me with 11 other guys who know football (as opposed to the idiots in the mock drafts preseason). I pulled that one out with a good group of WRs and lining up a good defense most weeks. Some of the RBs I started in that league: MJD, Corey Dillon, Leon Washington, Wali Lundy, Mike Bell, and Jerious Norwood. :oThe other championship was a no bench, 2 QB, PPR league, where I kicked a$$ with Steven Jackson, Brees, Colston at TE, Willie Parker for most of the season (
  11. Thankfully not mine. One of mine avoided the disaster of the NO performance last week though.
  12. Good advice. Fool proof investments are much better than Full proof. And don't cost you a liver .
  13. Andre Johnson definitely deserves it, IMO. He's all the Texans have, everyone knows it, his QB is avg at best, and still Johnson will get/has 100+ catches and 1000+yds.Bulger going is indicative of how bad the NFC sucks.
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