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  1. I expect that when I wake up in the morning I can catch the end of it.
  2. Looks like a 2 hour dinner break scheduled in a few minutes.
  3. QFT - I think poker tournaments is the only use for Twitter.
  4. Wow, the tables I'm playing on are tighter than the FT...
  5. Ugh. Sounds like I'll have to mute the breaks to avoid listening to the same commercial 10 times in a row.
  6. I think this may be a big part of his arguement:This year, the WSOP locked out players who flew in from around the world to play in the main event.I know there were a lot of unhappy people who wanted to play in day 1d and were surprised when told it was sold out.
  7. I've been playing on-line for over 4 years and I haven't deposited in over 3. I started off originally on 888 and Party with a couple hundred on each, but went bust. I put $500 on FTP and got $500 in bonus money. Almost went bust there too (very poor BR management), but final tabled a big MTT and scored $1100. After that, I learned what limits to play for my BR and I've grinded it up ever since. Now I mostly play .5/1 cash games (even though I'm rolled for 1/2) because I'm a part-time player and that's a good game for my skill level.You have to learn bankroll management. It's sooooo easy
  8. Flesch Survives Day with One-Outer for Straight Flush!Mark Flesch has survived day two by the absolute skin of his teeth.His last chips were in the middle on a flop of Qc Jc 9c with Flesch holding a powerful Kc Kh but his opponent flipped Ac 2c for the nut flush.Flesch was left drawing to just one out, and it wasn't the 3h on the turn, but amazingly the Tc hit the river to give Flesch a straight-flush!What a way to end the day! He'll survive with a helluva story to tell with around 30,000 chips.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------H-U-G-E Pot F
  9. Yes, took it down. 150 people total. I cashed slightly over $1K.
  10. tyty. Not my highest cash, but pretty darn close. A little over $1K.My god, those people were all complete donks. I expected a little more for a $26 tourney, but they were bad from start to finish. Even the final table guys were terrible.
  11. At least this cash will make up for my PLO losses so far tonight...Nakus was the chipleader until he vanished from the table...
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