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  1. do you still have to keep track/email them when u're done w/the bonus?
  2. if it hits lower stakes limit players harder, especially in short handed, would it make more sense to play NL then assuming you're a winning player?
  3. send me the file pleasebut what's the "standard" winrate for short handed players?
  4. I'm thinking about playing at eitherbetholdempoker - $300 bonusnoblepoker -$300 bonusorpoker ocean -$400 bonusanyone played/cleared bonuses @ these sites?I'm a 3/6 shorthanded LHE player so it's kind of important that limit hold'em traffic is good :)I'll play 1/2 NL but I'd rather not, heh
  5. awww i liked fulltilti played the .50/1 nl to clear out the bonus. The game was pretty damn soft :oYou like ub though? I played some 1/2NL there and found the games to be really tight passive =/
  6. so even for short handed, 2bb/100 is a good rate?
  7. 200k?!?! 10k hands per limit isn't enough?
  8. for short handed limit, what should my winrate be?PokerTracker shows me to be 1.95bb/100 at 3/6 SHE after 3.3k hands. Although thanks to poker room, PT missed out on a few winning sessions so it's probably 2.5ish$673 profit after 16 hours which gives me an average of $42 an hourso that's 7bbs per houranyways, I've just confused myself majorly with numbers.So what should my bb/100 be, and bbs per hour? I saw abbaddabaababadabababa posted that at 5/10 6max a player can easily make $100 per hour.This true? I plan on moving up to 5/10 once I have 500bbs
  9. 1) wish I could see everyone's hole cards2) if not 1, wish I could see what the flop, turn, and river would be :D3) if genie is a jerk and wont' give me #1 or #2, I'd like to take down a wsop main event please
  10. no idea, u're a favorite, raise itcan we make a case for simply calling on flop to get BB in the action?
  11. i raise and then call downhis play says flush but...at shorthanded, you'll be surprised at some of the hands ppl have.Someone tried to play a 10,9 like an Ace when I had KK, board was QQxAA so I called his river bet and ya, shorthanded has weird illogical plays
  12. nope, but there's also a chance for smaller pp or jack w/bad kicker folding.well you can use the cap to see a free turn card (hopefully), play it how you like.
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