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  1. Just play 6max. Why anyone would would play online fr is beyond me.
  2. I need a read on villain before I am prepared to do anything, but I will say that most of the time this is a defensive check and you are getting valuetowned on the river so I would certainly need more than K high to call. No one with a brain tries to bluff the river after checking behind on the turn in a blind steal situation.
  3. Also I obviously hate the play, but I will say that I had a friend employed a strategy similar to this sucessfully live. The idea is that in a limped pot u fire in 1st position into a scary board that is unlikely to have hit your opponents. Two things distinguish your situation. First his was mid-limit live where people fold the flop a bit more and yours is micro-limit online where no one folds the flop. Also thid board texture isnt right or your play. Though there are big cards that are unlikely to have hit your opponents they will most likely peel with any club giving you reverse implied odd
  4. Doesnt the Clarkmeister theorem have to do with facing a bet on river w/ K or Q high and all draws missed? The idea is that a raise is better than a call, bc your opponent could be bluffing w/ a better hand that cant call a raise.
  5. This is the worst thread ever. You sir are an idiot. You cannot call all in vs. AA and make money period. End of thread.
  6. i understand your thinkin, but this lop is horrible for our hand and we are never folding a pp or any draw so it becomes a spew. The river I think you need to call. This whole pot played out very weird and I've seen some wird sh.it go down in these situations.
  7. Ok buddy list off the best sh lhe players, and your point will be well taken.
  8. This happens to me literally every time I play a tournament.
  9. I like bet/fold. passive players dont bluff raise the river. His turn call is weird, but sometimes players think they are getting bluffed on the turn when they check behind on the flop.
  10. You walked up to rail a game and expect to get a read on the table immediately? More importantly you want us to decipher what was going on in the hand w/o a description of the players?
  11. Yes, but AK just caught 2 pair on the river and he obv cant put hero on a straight, bc no rational human being would raise the turn w/ oesd only so villains bet is correct here. The only hand that villain could put us on that beats him by the river is 55, but he most likely has us on KQ. I say call a 3, bc on the interent lags tend to spazz when they get raised on every street and do irrational things.P.S. Meh after rereading I thinks its close, but my experiece with interenet aggrotards is that they will max out all streets if give the chance w/ AK even on a board like this. If this is not t
  12. Raise the river call a three bet. He has AK. Your turn raise is godawful, it accomplishes nothing. Also not respecting villain isnt the reason u coldcall w/ JT. U coldcall w JT cuz you have a great drawing had in a multiway pot. IF it was about respect you wouldve 3towned it pf.
  13. This flop is a must cap. Waiting to raise the turn makes no sense. If he has Ah he will check alot of the time and if he flopped a flush you get 3 bet in a spot where you cant fold.
  14. Lol @ a sng show w/ fake bricks even being compared to HSP
  15. You are almost never folding a better hand and you are effectively shutting out the field except for the 1 player who will certainly call you down. Where was this hand played?
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