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  1. heh, i was never folding... just making a semi joke...s/w? didn't think it was needed.
  2. i think a confident player at either level will fold here... sometimes it is about the buy-in, but in this case if you are playing to win it, and confident in your abilities you know another spot will come along, even in a 3$ 45 man turbo.why draw against that many hands for all the cheese so early on in any tourney/STT?
  3. assuming you play well, this is a clear fold. you'll likely find much, MUCH better spots to get your stack throughout the tourney. but, if you play that crazy style thats so successfully employed by some where accumulating a huge stack early on is how you like to roll, then go for it. but considering your question it seems you would benefit from just mucking here and waiting for a better spot.the old "at best a coinflip" also comes into mind, i doubt you are EVER dominating all of the hands.
  4. so it really was that standard, just making sure... i called the 50 and even that felt like spew (nit).3rd jack rolls of on turn, i check he pushes i muck... sidenote: ended up busting him out in 4th, and he claimed to have 6-6 on that hand, so the micro stakes shock again.
  5. ok, well thats the line i intended on taking... but then this happened:Hero checks, UTG bets t50and yes, he has been just as loose calling re-raises as he has been making them... doubled early and riding the stack i think.
  6. Ok, been on hiatus from online poker and online in general, but had a few bucks kicking in my PS account and am taking a shot at the SNG orbit thing-a-majigs... anywhoo, PT stats for villain after 33 hands showing 61.2 VPIP, 27.3 PFR %... even though it is a small amount of hands, still odd enough to be semi-relevant.PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t50 (6 handed) Poker Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)BB (t1470)UTG (t3560)MP (t2170)CO (t1165)Button (t3530)Hero (t1605)Preflop: Hero is SB with Q , Q . UTG raises to t100, MP calls t100, 2 folds, Hero
  7. the more i watch these, especially return players like gus, daniel, JC, etc, the more i notice that they seem to approach with a different style each time... for example this week, the commentators even picked up on it, daniel appeared to be trying his new limp style of poker, while gus is playing a pretty lock down game (cue broke gus rumours)so basically, i guess they could watch them, but the constant changing of gears and new approaches almost makes it pointless to watch for strategic value.although i may be wrong
  8. random question i guess, but does anyone know if PokerStars has announced when they are going to run WSOP 2008 sattelites, and if not, what time of the year (generally) do they normally run?
  9. yes, it is both players, all in, every handregardless
  10. sweet, good answers, seem to be the right thing...just something thats always kind of been on my mind.
  11. on stars, i've noticed that in the higher limit sit'n'go's (100+), the turbos seem to be alot more popular, same with full tilt.we all know a longer, slower structure allows for skill to play a bigger roll, and at the higher limits i assumed most players have a good amount of skill (well maybe not all, but a good chunk)...so my question is why are the turbos so popular in the higher limit single table tourneys?the only possible reason i can think of is so one table doesnt last and hour and a half or 2 hours, but with multi tabling, does hourly rate really matter in STT's?thoughts?
  12. just noticed the thread, im in, no LL for me though...expect me to go deep, as im doin hmwk now too, so i cant donk my chips off with boredemn...
  13. lol donk/minraise/deepstackamentsPokerStars Game #9070415751: Tournament #45413258, $20+$2 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2007/03/24 - 19:11:43 (ET)Table '45413258 39' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: shabbyglass (10630 in chips) Seat 2: sideshowgil (10515 in chips) Seat 3: moxxhh (6570 in chips) Seat 4: phattyblunts (16920 in chips) Seat 5: chez89 (5540 in chips) Seat 6: motainc (2745 in chips) Seat 7: CASHRUS (4660 in chips) Seat 8: cardman61 (6820 in chips) Seat 9: Ltl Spider (5245 in chips) chez89: posts small blind 15motainc: posts big blind 30*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to phattyblu
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