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  1. My wife and I were just finishing a session, I had already stood up from my table and was standing behind her during this hand.She's on the $1/2/NL table with around $350 in front.She's late position with J9 suited with a bunch of limpers, she calls. Flop is 8 10 4 rainbow.Checks to her, she bets out $10 and is called by 3 people. Turn is blank, checks to her, she checks.River is the 7, no flush on board.First guy bets out $40, a fold, a RAISE to $100 and an ALL IN for $200-something. She looks down to make sure she has the NUTS and calls (the $200 covered the other 3 players, no need to rais
  2. This one just happened to my wife last Saturday. We were waiting for my parents to come down from their room at Paris for dinner and were playing at Bally's 3/6 limit game. 5 players see the flop, my wife is SB. Flop is something like J92 with the J and 2 of clubs, my wife has Q10 clubs so is open ended and flush draw. She has 3 chips in her hand, reaches out and checks. Dealer says "Check". Next guy folds. Then the next. The next, and then the final guy. All 4 folded. She pulls the pot!Mine is when I was playing 2/5 NL in Windsor, Canada. I wasn't in the hand but there was a raise preflop to
  3. Don't be "FYP" on my post unless you know what's up.I've played probably 10x more hands LIVE than I have ONLINE. That's HANDS, not "time" or anything like that. So don't use the age-old excuse that you see more hands.Bottom line, BIG BIG hands like straight flushes, quads and royals happen MUCH MUCH MUCH more often (on a per-hand basis!) online. You guys can deny the truth all you want, but it's still the truth.Then again, what does it matter to you, most of you are 17 year olds playing .05/.10 limit poker... 90% of you haven't ever set foot in a casino or played anything higher than 2/4 limit
  4. #1 you didn't flop the nuts. AA beats you here. However, you're not folding and you're going to be betting for value. If button has AA then so be it.I'd bet 500 on the turn. Likely the button also has a King and won't be folding anyway. Most players won't fold an Ace here either so just go ahead and bet.
  5. I'm just curious why every time there's a murder in the news, or even when there's a "high profile" murder, that Daniel doesn't go on-and-on talking about how we should treat the murderer like the murderer treated his victim.But a guy kills a few dogs and he's now satan spawn?This isn't just Daniel, it's everyone. Sure, what Vick did was BAD... but does it really warrant all this media attention, at least above all the other horrific things HUMANS do to HUMANS nowadays?
  6. Which is why I don't play online anymore.15 ROYALS?!?!? IN 2 years?I've played live poker for 13 years and had ONE royal, and probably 5 straight flushes (only 2 that I used both cards).Online I played SPARINGLY for about 8 months and had FOUR ROYALS and more straight flushes than I can remember.But no, online poker isn't rigged.
  7. What do you mean? Bet/Fold? You mean Check/Fold?As for betting the turn and folding to a raise... WHY??!? You put in one bet, then fold... or you can check, put in one bet and then see the river for no more $$. WHY would you want to put in money then FOLD, when you could put in money then see the river?By the time you're to the river you have to call.But listen, it's nickel/dime holdem, so it's not a life changing decision.
  8. Ur retarded. Shoudl have folded preflop.Seriously though, you couldn't have played it differently. It's a $2 tourney. Deal with it and move on. I've taken shits that were worth more than $2
  9. Here's what I see.. the OP made a horrible flat-call in the 1-in-million-chance that his opponent held KK or AA. Now he's bragging about it. The problem is, even in this specific situation, it's a horrible call. It's a push. Instantly. See the AA or KK and say "good hand" and walk away.THE POINT HERE: YOU MADE YOUR HAND AND DIDN'T ATTEMPT TO GET BEST VALUE OUT OF IT.It was just as likely that the opponent had AK or was (heaven forbid) making a bluff at the pot, trying to use his table image.If this opponent has been following up his bets EVERY TIME, he would have no reason NOT to do it with
  10. You CANNOT walk from Orleans to the strip, it's WAY too bad of an area. HOWEVER, they have a HUGE poker room with tourneys, NL, Limit and Omaha runnng all the time.Sahara is right near the monorail (I think?) so you can hop on that and it will take you to mid-strip, it also has a soft, capped ($200 max) $1/2/NL game and the best low-buyin tourney you'll find (11am, 7pm, 11pm - $62 buyin and a great structure).But for the same price or a little more I'd do Imperial Palace as it's closer to everything.
  11. The TI room is 1/3/NL, it doesn't sound like much but it is a bigger game than you'd think. Plus you have to listen to that dude "announcing" the final table of the tourney if you are there at the end of the tourney.Caesars has good 1/2 during the week, as does Venetian. Or you can play 8/16 limit at Venetian for $1 rake!Off the strip a bit, but Santa Fe Station has several 1/2 games going often, and there are a lot of fish there.
  12. Of those 4, HARRAH's would be your best choice due to:Location: It's near (or a walkable distance) to all the main poker rooms (Harrahs, Venetian, Bellagio, Caesars, etc.)Also, it has a Monorail station so you can get to other places easily AND ALSO MOST IMPORTANTLY.... they have a SHUTTLE TO RIO!!
  13. Was at Bellagio today with family and went back to the poker room to see what I could see... stopped at a 30/60 limit game to watch for a few minutes. Everyone folded to the blinds, the SB refused to chop, just called, BB check. Flop was something like 6 7 3, SB checks, BB bets, SB calls. Turn was I think a 2, SB checks, BB bets, SB calls. River 8. SB checks, BB bets, SB calls. BB shows 6 4 for pair of 6's with worst possible kicker that beats the board. SB MUCKS. SB put in 30+30+60+60= 180 (only 15 of it involuntarily) and COULDN'T BEAT a pair of 6's! The only hand I could even possibly put h
  14. Ya was just getting ready to say that. MUCH better at Venetian, except the lack of pros "in the same room".Bellagio is cramped, it takes forever to get on a table, unorganized, etc.The benefit of Bellagio is they spread just about any game, it's hard to get an O/8 game at Venetian.I am playing 8/16 and their $1 rake is the bomb!I pulled over 30 pots last weekend (kept track) so I saved over $90 in rake alone!
  15. LOL yeah, which is exactly why you aren't playing there. Obviously he knows something you don't.
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