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  1. On a side note, if you get caught bluffing, everyone knows that you were bluffing by the instamuck when your opponent calls. So I say you should wait for him to show his hand so you at least know what he's willing to call you down with. just my .02
  2. Yeah they are big, and yes if there is no flop the still take a dollar. When I tell people in Vegas about the games here, they look at you sideways like a dog would if you whistle. Yes Hawaiian Gardens is still a big tent, lol. It works though.
  3. Hawaiian Gardens, it's only 15 min from my house.
  4. Thanks guys for the kind words.We have a lot of stupid games in L.A. the 3-5 nl game here is a capped buy-in of 300, our 1-2 nl game is a 40 buy-in , and the 2-3 game is a 100, And here's the kicker, the rake at the 100 and the 300 game is 4 per flop with 1 for the jackpot. The casinos here even take a dollar if the is no flop.
  5. Paying live, 3-5 nl 99 utg I limped player to my left raises to 15, 4 callers I call, Flop is A98 with two hearts, BB checks, I bet out 75 ( my stack is a little less than 400), Original raiser folds, A donkey that had about 1000 in front of him ( he called a guys all in earlier with a gutshot and hit) min raises to 150, bb calls the 150, I move in for 355 total , the donkey thinks about it for a little while and calls, then the bb calls, There is a side pot of ten dollars and I'm not in it, The donkey has 98 clubs and the bb has KQ of hearts, turn 3, river 3, and I take down a almost 1200 po
  6. I may have the payouts wrong, the player gets the majority of the prize and the rest of the guys get a percentage.
  7. I will still get the original % that was agreed upon, which is a 1/18 share instead of the 1/17th share if I pay the 40. I'm really torn as to what to do.
  8. I need some advice, if you guys wouldn't mind.In January I signed up to play in a 5 game series (1 a month). The buy in was $670 for 18 people, the winner would get $12,000 to buy in to the ME and have some expense money.The winner of the tourney doesn't get the money free and clear, he gets a % of the prize if he cashes and the other people divide the rest. After 5 tourneys I had the most points but before we started we decided that only 4 of the 5 would count, I ended up losing by 1 point(oh well).Here's the problem, after everything was said and done, 1 guy didn't pay.The organizer of this
  9. This show is so funny.They crack me up.
  10. At the casino I play at in SO Cal, the have a special promo period every day for the bad beat Jackpot ($100,000) 60% loser of the hand, 20% winner and 20% table share. During tax time they increased it to $150,000 during specific times during the day. I wasn't at the table but saw the after effects, AA vs JJ all in on the flop with a AJJ board, everyone is happy it's done 90k to the AA 30K to the JJ, 30k table share, turn blank, river A, now AA gets 30k and JJ gets 90k. I know it's hard to be upset at winning 30k, but if there was a time this would be it. So sick.
  11. I know I'm in the minority, but those guys kill me. I laughed the whole time.
  12. Sometimes it helps to log a small winning session and then quit just so you have one on the books. Then the next time you sit you feel better because you won last time. It's all in your head.
  13. Thanks for all the advice guys, It turns out that I didn't have as much time as I would have liked . I was only able to go to the MGM and play for an hour and half. It was a pretty easy game , I left $100 up, but wished I could have put in another 5 hours or so.
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