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  1. Does anyone here play poker at Borgata in Atlantic City these days? Had a couple questions about that place, if so.
  2. I had a cold two weeks ago, should've quarantined my whole neighborhood for months and not let anyone go to work so they could lose their jobs.
  3. Couldn't agree with you more on the Covid stuff, Suited. And anytime you say what you said about it there's always some dope like Cobalt who knows someone who's "had a really hard time" with it, then you find out they're just sick. We should be using resources to help those at risk while everything else remains normal for most of the population, instead people's businesses and lives are being destroyed so they may or may not get sick for a week.
  4. I was in the Bay Area this weekend and wanted to do our free throw bet
  5. Hello. Is the guy from Northern California still here? Can't remember his name on this.
  6. Essay, have you ever had regular sex on at least a daily basis? Unrelated: Anyone know the name of the movie where there's a few 30-something married couples, and one of the wives has a rape fantasy, so the husband tries to set up the rape in a parking garage, but she beats him up by accident?
  7. And to answer your question, **** no. I've been watching The Americans and I don't trust anybody from that part of the country now.
  8. Isn't it the same guy that refused to pay another guy for poker losses too?
  9. You ever wonder when you're rolling paint on a wall why you have to stop rolling in the corner and use a brush? Me neither, but my brother did, so he enclosed the end of a paint roller so you can paint on two sides of a wall at the same time. I guess it's like being the only one allowed to drive in the carpool lane during rush hour traffic, pros love it. So we hawk those now.
  10. It must be lonely, I posted on Monday then forgot, and you're still on the same page on Thursday. What the hell happened?
  11. Close. Paint product that's REVOLUTIONIZING THE PAINTING INDUSTRY!!! (I knew nothing about painting, it was my brother's idea)
  12. It was a good place to base my business I started a couple years ago; no state tax, and the location was better for shipping. I now hate this place.
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