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  1. crappie=fishcrappy=badI didnt say the jackpot was wonderful, i was basically saying that it was an unreal to watch these hands come down. My point was the odds of that happening like it did.
  2. Yes, the small blind is dropped in a seperate rake box before the hand is even dealt. $1 per hand regardless of the stakes. The casino adds $500.00 per day to the total jackpot. But if the Jackpot is hit every couple of sessions, then the casino starts to lose money since it is reset at $2500.00 when it is hit. Thats why the casino sets the bad beat limit at quad 10's in Omaha, and aces full of kings or better beaten playing both of your hole cards. The casino understands that it is going to be hit, but they sure dont want or expect it to be hit twice in a hour and 18 minutes. The average has
  3. Excatly, the casino went months before one was hit last month, it built up to 31 k. The whole time, theres always at least 1 table playing a round of each, and most nights, there were more than one table going. 1 pull from the deck for it to hit both times on the turn and then river for quads 10's or better isnt a common thing for omaha. There are always runner runner situations in Omaha that someone gets beat, but not like this.
  4. I am very familiar with the game. In all of the Omaha that i have played, i see quads alot. But for it to happen in that time period with quads vs quads, runner runner to get them both times. I dont believe that it happens every couple of sessions, or the Casinos would not have that bad beat jackpot in place.
  5. LOL, no im really not bragging, i mean, i made a bad read on the pot. I am just amazed at the situation. No the $1000 was jsut for my bad beat, i received $240 for being part of the table on the first bad beat. I played horrible for the evening as a whole. Having some extra cash in your pocket will make you play stupid sometimes, but i still took home a $900 profit for the night with the jackpot winnings.
  6. I witnessed and was apart of the most unreal Bad Beat Jackpot story I could ever imagine. The numbers on this story are astrological.Lucky Star CasinoEl Reno Oklahoma 5/12/2007We were palying 1-2 round of each no limit Hold em, round of pot limit Omaha. The casino has a bad bead jackpot that was at the time$ 3,500. 40% to the loser, 20% to the winner, and 40% to be divided up with everyone else at the table. Quad 10's or better beat in the Omaha round hits the jackpot.Heres what happened. During a Omaha round, 3 players saw the flop of A-K-X. 1 player dropped out on the flopp when a pot size b
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