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  1. It's not Dreamclown. He won one of the early 200k tourneys, when they awarded avatars as part of the prize. I've played him at 2/4 - 5/10 NLHE. He's pretty much TAG, not tricky in the least.
  2. I lost my biggest pot ever vs J2. Forever to be remembered as the "Paulo", after the enriched fellow who busted me. Wish I had JJ that hand.
  3. It's important to know if you are playing full table or shorthand. Shorthand I'd limp AA 1 time in maybe 25. Full table maybe 1 time in 8, but it depends on how much action the table is giving.If you limp reraise with other hands like suited connectors, or even any two cards, you can set up the AA hand if you happen to catch a monster with 67s and show it down. It's all a matter of perception.
  4. 3/6 NL, 1700 stacks. 6 handed. Suits unimportant.Villain is TAG, solid player, doesn't get out of line. I am a bit erratic, stealing pots that I know he will fold.Villain raises UTG to 21, all fold to me. I call with K :icon_suit_club: 9 :icon_suit_club: Flop is K66, check, checkTurn is K, I lead out for 40, he calls. River is 9, giving me the nut full house, and second nut hand.I lead out for 125, expecting a raise as I feel he has a K here often. Sure enough he raises, but only makes it 275. Here I have a dilemna, because a flat call is losing value far to often to be correct, but also beca
  5. I f'n hate the hit n run artists, but I never avoid playing them HU. I give a lot of action, therefore I can always get a game. My best strat vs them is to take thier buy in and then move up a limit and sit. Sure enough, they show up. Repeat and Rinse...
  6. I'm truly sorry for your loss. My best to your family.Alex
  7. Any game I'm in. Please sit down.Currently 2/4 and 3/6 NL on Full Tilt.Sincerely,RERAISE5823
  8. Mike should pay up happily. Not even a question.
  9. I'm out. Flopped top set, turned top boat got it all in vs AA and A hit river.
  10. Wait. That sounds......wrong.
  11. I'm down considerably to start the year. I'm 3 standard deviations under normal for my last 90K hands. Rough.Rub some luck on me guys!
  12. Don't slowplay an underfull. You playied it ok, but I prefer to lead out with pot bet and hope to get raised, that way he may be pot committed and forced to call your push.
  13. It's DD's friend playing on his account. He said as much when asked whil playing at stars.
  14. You are a condescending prick. Also, your NL advice is poor. Yours,Alex
  15. Make sure it's Whey Protein if you're adding protein to shakes. Also, make sure that wheat is whole wheat without any high fructose corn syrup added.Want a great snack/sandwich? Whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, sliced strawberries.Peanut Butter = excellent (natural only)Almonds = perfect snackI could go on... Whey protein is great for first thing in the AM and after you workout (with simple sugars), but throughout the day and in the PM you should try to get a mix of proteins. Whey digests too quickly on it's own, although if you hadd some fat it will slow down the absorption.Also,
  16. I understand. And I don't totally disagree. However, I didn't ask what he had left, I asked how much he had total. As it were, 3 people heard me and agreed with me and 3 people didn't agree, so I let it go.
  17. max buy in is 500, I was 800 in, and sitting there for 12 hours. So I was up 2500 in 12 hours.Also, there was a 2500, 2200 and 2300 stack at the table, so it played more like 5/10
  18. I got a bad dealer story from this weekend. Goes a little sumptin like this;I'm in 1 seat, 2/5 NL at Foxwoods. I have 3300 and villain has unknown amount before hand (integral to story.) Villain is in 9 seat so my view of him is difficult, I have to lean out over the table to see him.I have QKh on the button, 3 limpers so I pop it to 40, one caller.Flop is Qc 10h 6h.Villain leads out for 65, I raise to 200 (I raise a lot of flops with almost any holding, and have been getting a lot of respect...thus, I have a nice stack)Now villain studies and then makes it 800 straight, so now I have a judgem
  19. Ill keep an eye on you.Cool, I'll be sure to go down in flames!
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