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  1. I am taking my son to Vegas this Sunday for a few days. He wants to play poker tournaments and I was wondering which of these places would be the best place to go.....(BTW I did try to search this topic). He is home on leave from Iraq and time is short and I really want him to have a good time, so I ask for your help.Harrah's daily 3:30 rebuy.Caesar's 11:00 pm Sahara's 7pm or 11 pmPalms 10:00 am Flamingo Hilton Monday's 6:00 pmLuxor's 4:00 pm or 8:30 pmOrleans Sunday Noon or Monday rebuysIf there are any others please let me know.
  2. If President Bush had done a "skit" like this one, what would DN be saying?????
  3. GREAT THREAD! I feel the pain! Last night I gave up ever playing on Poker Stars. I won a MTT in May and regularly cashed in MTT's until a few months ago, now all I do in put my money in, play great and get knocked off by 8 5 unsuited against my AK, 7 2 suited against JJ, and don't even get me started on how many times my AA has been cracked by that same ****! It is really amazing what wins and when I decided to play trash I get busted by the good hands. And no, I am not a donkey that doesn't know how to play. I am just glad to know that there are others that are having the same experienc
  4. I would guess that the OP wants us to say that Pres. Bush is responsible for the war and the death of innocent women and children in Iraq. Weren't innocent women and children along with innocent men getting killed in Iraq long before we went to war? Didn't Sadam have tourture and rape rooms and weren't millons of bodies found in mass graves? I am amazed at how simple minded people want to take complex issues and reduce them down to BLAME BUSH! Let's not forget that the Jihad against America was proclaimed during Clinton's Presidency. The Muslims, along with their hatred of Bush, hated Cli
  5. Ok, just to prove that I'm not "crazy" or out of line with thinking that this man makes for a good politician, I wanted to show you guys all a quote from the recent TIME magazine piece written by Scott MacLeod:"Ahmadinejad is a skilled, if slippery, debater. In his press conferences, he has shown himself to be a natural politician, gifted in the art of spin and misdirection.."The title of this articel "A Date With A Dangerous Mind". What have you proven? He is "Slippery" "gifted at spin". By the way, I googled "Sagawersia" and there need for nuclear enery to survive but we won't give it to
  6. I personally believe (just an opinion) that Bush hates Muslims. Then again, I don't think he cares much about black people either.Are you Serious DN?? This statement in your "clerifing" blog shows your true stupidity! Do you know the man? Where do you form your opinions? Oh, from the newspapers? He only liberated Muslims that were being raped, murdered and tourted by an evil dictator that would like to see us all dead. He was the first president to have black people in his cabinet of importance. WHAT THE HELL have the democrates really done for the black people? Kept them in poverty.
  7. Least we forget, our country has not been attacked in 5 years. Who would have predicted that on 9/12/01? My son has spent two years of his life in Iraq fighting for dumb shits like DN to support the Iranian President. Go back to Canada. I used to admire you DN but NO MORE. You slam someone because they don't sound elequent in their speaking and in debates, however evil can come onto an American TV program and sound intellegent but with hate and evil in their heart wanting to kill us and you support him. How dare you! If more people would have united and supported our President during th
  8. I am still up watching. I was in Vegas this weekend and got to see them play for a while. Daniel was trying to be nice and give Sarah, the Quizno's winner, some chips. She went all in with AQ off and he called with 5, 2 of hearts and flopped a straight! I missed getting to see Hellmuth taken out by about 15 minutes! All the players seemed nice and they were signing autographs and getting their pictures taken. I just got home a few minutes ago and had to get on the computer to see what is taking place.
  9. Try TRIP RESERVATIONS.COM and Orbitz. If you find a cheap room rate you can call the hotel and they will usually match the rate. I prefer to book through the hotel directly as I have had credit card fraud twice after using trip reservations.com.
  10. Several weeks ago I asked about a players mind set and being able to "pull the trigger" when you were playing a tournament. I always played to make the money and not to win. Thanks to the FCPer's that helped me out. I finally won a $3 tournament on Stars last night. I kept telling myself "Chips is what we gamble with money is what we buy things with" That saying has really helped me not be scared to play. THANKS TO THE FCPer's that took the time to help and not flame me back then.I have read some posts that people think the sites punish them if they pull money out, is that true?
  11. Oh, I get it "Tiny Ball Syndrome" HAHA However, I am a female so that can't be it. I do like the saying "Chips is what you gamble with!" I think I will try keeping that in the back of my mind - if all else fails then I will consider having a sex change operation and asking them to provide me with some really BIG BALLS to correct what appears to be a common condition effecting the poker world.
  12. I have been a member on this site and rarely post. The times I have posted your comments have been a Great help. I play Omaha and HU on-line and in the B&M's. I have read the books, studied the math, etc. My question boils down to this...Even when I know I have the nuts, I fail to pull the trigger and make them pay. Is this because in life I am timid and have a fear of failure so this hampers my abiltiy to play serious poker? I watch people go all in and take chances on crap and bulid the big stakes in tournaments. I get dealt pocket AA's and I know I need to raise but the voice in
  13. Sucker bet. We should all know who won the whole tournament. DUH
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