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  1. My bad - thats right - was on the 03 team that lost to florida.
  2. Friday, December 21 @ Hustler casino had already been a good day for me. I was up around $1500 in just over 4 hours playing 5-5 NL (300-500 buyin). Around 10:30 two tall white surfer looking dudes walk in and though I thought they looked familiar, I just couldnt place their faces with who they were (and lets face it, Los Angeles is filled with people who either a) are famous or B) try to look like someone famous). They both got to sit down at the table to my right and I was in seat 9 so I could keep looking over there to watch what was going on. The two of them were both extremely loud and
  3. Then you are saying that EVERYONE at the table did - around $150 if its a 6 handed game - for $10/20 on tilt, i find that HARD TO BELIEVE!
  4. According to his rules:He never buys into a cash game or a Sit & Go with more than 5 percent of his total bankroll (there is an exception for the lowest limits: he is allowed to buy into any game with a buy-in of $2.50 or less). He doesn’t buy into a multi-table tournament for more than 2 percent of his total bankroll, but he’s allowed to buy into any multi-table tournament that costs $1. If at any time during a No-Limit or Pot-Limit cash-game session the money on the table represents more than 10 percent of his total bankroll, he must leave the game when the blinds reach him. Thinking abo
  5. If you guys want to play (and meet and talk - because she is VERY COOL and I've hung out with her many times), just go to LA and play at the Hustler. She's usually there weekly (along with many other actors/athletes). I don't know why Hustler gets them - perhaps because its smaller - or perhaps Larry has invitations to them. Dunno. I definitely think the play at Hustler is fine for me and the tournaments are great (20k guaranteed nightly).
  6. It is very clear in every casino I have ever been to that "casino chips can only be used for gaming purposes on the premises and not used for cash." He states in his article that it can be used to buy groceries. IF thats true, it hasnt been since I've been true for quite some time. The minute he said, "i got this chip at another property" essentially for a cash substituion of some sort, he admitted to breaking a nevada gaming rule. It sucks. But its true.
  7. For those of you that still believe that Daniel "sold" FCP to a third party, I think this whole thing proves that never really did happen. Daniel has always been and always was the sole owner of FCP and tried to take on the big boys, but lost. it was a valliant attempt.
  8. If you're gonna use fancy words, spell it right - its QUEUE. What you wrote is spanish. for WHAT UP!
  9. You might be right.. But if you remember how you confirmed it was to receive a few pennies in your account and then verify those amounts. Or, to confirm your mailing address, they sent a password to your house. Even the cost of sending all those out and doing the deposits to the accounts is less than the interest they are making on everyones money.
  10. No one finds the following passage a bit sketchy:"Funds will be distributed either by electronic transfer to the bank account on record with NETELLER or by a cheque to be sent to a mailing address as confirmed by the customer. If a US customer has a bank account already registered with NETELLER, funds transfer will be by electronic transfer subject to confirmation by the customer that the registered bank account remains valid."It looks like they purposely added the "subject to confirmation" clause to (as I noticed when I used to deal with Neteller) probably prolong this whole thing longer.
  11. So it sounds like some of the crimes were from the indian tribes. Amazing how we can prosecute someone for committing a crime on the Indian Reservation, but while I was living in Santa Barbara and the leader of the Chumash Casino shot and killed his wife after coming home drunk, they were unable to arrest him. The tribe said they would take care of it and apparently as long as he didn't leave the reservation, he was safe. I believe he still works as one of the supervisors of the casino to this day. Strange justice system.
  12. For those of you with kids, you know what I mean. This is a show on Disney Channel that on the surface looks fine. But, once you watch an episode or two, you quickly realize what its teaching our youth is TERRIBLE. The show gets its name from the fact that kids can call this company and "replace" some person they don't like - be it their teacher, coach, etc. Thats NOT what we should be teaching kids. Learning to live amongst our peers is what we should be teaching them. I don't like you much anyway, Daniel, but I think if you had kids (please don't, btw, your lifestyle is a terrible infl
  13. People should once again understand that the "paperwork" that a bank will file for amounts over $10k do not go to the IRS! They go to a completely different department in the Treasury and our government does not share information easily. What you should understand though is another form that I've spoken about on this site ad naseum that is more disconcerning. It is the SAR (Suspicious Activity Report). The CTR (Cash Transaction Report) is a report that the bank will notify you when they fill out. They need some info from you regarding the transaction, so they will ask it. However, the SA
  14. I can tell you FOR SURE that at the BIKE and HP (both places I have been involved in a bad beat JP), that they will pay the BETTER of the losers the 50% (or 40% as some places do). This has been discussed ad naseum with floor people and I'm surprised a floor person at your casino did not know the answer. The worst part is when there are 3 people involved and these are the hands and boards:Player 1: 4s JsPlayer 2: Ah KhPlayer 3: 8h 9hJc Jd Jh Th QhIf all players are "ALL IN" then ALL HANDS MUST BE SHOWN FOR THE JACKPOT TO COUNT. If Player 1 waits for the two other players to show their hands
  15. Actually, it is the THIRD nuts. You cant have BOTH straight flushes out there! Only one person can have a straight flush and thus, you have the third nuts..
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