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  1. GL troyo, my eyes cant stay open any longer....hope to see you see you on the FT at 11:30 when i get up Very well played sir!
  2. w00t! w00t! go troyo! Dear lord i havent been on this forum in ages! Do i get to pick what you back me in after you win? lol
  3. Day 1.I am staying at the Tuscany Suites, not the best place but I got a great rate because the conference I am attending is being held here.I woke up at 8:00am (11:00am normal time for me) and turns out the Tuscany has a $22 with 10 rebuys for the first 3 levels, levels run 15min. There were only 18 in it and all were very weak lose juicy players save one. I wont get into hands because it just isnt worth it. Lets just say I had lots of boats and AA 3x in a 2 hour 10 min tourny...I took down $498 for first Good start to my day. I had a few hours to kill before the recpetion for the conf
  4. I am looking for some advice on poker rooms in Vegas.I leave on Sept 9th and come home on the 16th. I am going for a conference but will have a good 4 days to play.My live play has been very limited so I am looking for small steaks 3/6 limit or 1/2 or 2/5 NL.I am also looking for tournies that would be in the $50-$200 buy in range. If you know of any resources then send them or suggested card rooms my way!Cheers
  5. Anyone have a link to a torrent for lastnights episode?
  6. i am inlibrahipster (yahoo) = quixotic (fcp)team name 3percent
  7. Maybe you are correct I really dont know, but neteller is linked to either your bank account or credit card...I am pretty certian that the CRA if preforming an audit can get access to this information. I am not saying an audit is likely I am just sayin
  8. Kudos to you my friend you are far ahead of the curve. If the CRA really wanted access to your neteller information they could get it.
  9. Haha ya thanks, and I wouldnt be too worried yet. The next article I am doing is hopefully going to help with what records too keep, that way should you get audited you can be armed with as many deductible expeneses as possible.
  10. The contents or the implications?
  11. edited origional post with copy of CPP article
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